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America Betrayed: Obama Legitimizes Muslim Terrorism

April 28, 2012
Eliana Benador, Right Side News

Without much ado, in an amazing abuse of power, the Hussein Obama tyranny together with his administration, and in their usual quiet way, have announced via a senior State Department official, simply, that the war on terror is over.

Bush handed over the power to Obama.  Now, we can appreciate how they are not so different, they share a striking affinity: their love for the Muslim world.  Bush’s love was in line with his family business interests, and Obama’s is in line with his religious-political inclinations.

It has been naive from American democrats to think that this man was going to promote a “democratic American agenda,” when distribution of wealth was not at the top of his list, but the destructive demolition of our beloved country.

Obama has not spared anything, and he has been destroying health care reform, education, economy, trade, even our military that he’s demolishing without any uproar from the American representatives, the senators, or the public at large.

There are a few elements that are contributing to his grabbing of power under our eyes and without any protestation from anyone -except a few writers deeply concerned for the fate of this great country.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. April 28, 2012 5:53 pm

    That is such twisting and stretching to make an issue one can only politely start this way: “what kind of war on terror are you talking about, our troops coming home? You mean we should stay there and continue the Neocon game and keep on fighting blowing up Iran, and any one standing in the way of OIL and Israel expansion?” Or, as Pat Buchanan put it “what other country do you want us to take out for you, or if you are an Evangelist, to continue to Armageddon and the End of Time?” The way I see it many former colonies are still made as hell at those Money Merchant that used Jesus as an excuse. Helping Israel and Armageddon is a new one. Obama is trying another approach, perhaps we all learn that cooperation is less bloody and may work better. Terrorism from and for Religious issues and etc. is not over for some for some but it sure is for our troops. Next time it will be a DRAFT, no exclusions.

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