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Maine’s Legislature Must Repeal LD-1422

April 25, 2012
Charlotte Iserbyt, News With Views

Did you ask your elected officials to vote for LD 1422 (Standards-Based Education), a restructured education system which will change your children’s education from academics (upward mobility) to the Soviet lifelong work force training system in which the government schools in partnership with the private corporations will decide at an early age what your child’s future occupation will be? This is known in economic circles as a planned economy. History has proved that planned economies do not work. At least for the general population. This system is used in socialist countries (Cuba, for instance, where students are taken to cigar factory for part of the day to do apprentice work). The system is not intended to provide a classical, academic education; on the contrary, its purpose is to produce docile, obedient robotic workers to spin off profits for the corporatist/socialist global economy.

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  1. April 26, 2012 1:05 am

    I am not a Socialist as I would take the money from programs that should not be Government responsibility, but, personally, on the list of responsibilities of government, state or federal, education should be a high priority and free Universities should be included , however admission should be based on the ability of the applicant. For student who do not have the interest or the intellectual ability to pursue higher education those training programs, including technical schools, are very helpful. Of course this would not forbid private schools and universities. Like health care free clinic should be encouraged. Health, Education, Public Welfare as is Law & Order are basic functions of Government.

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