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Connecticut Bill Would Allow Citizens to Sue Police Who Arrest Them for Filming in Public

April 24, 2012
Madison Ruppert, The Intel Hub

The trend of individuals being arrested for legally filming police in public is an issue which gets me especially frustrated and a favorite topic of mine to bring up here at End the Lie.

Thankfully, recently individuals have been striking back through lawsuits and in some cases charges have been dropped.

Furthermore, an Illinois judge declared their state wiretapping law unconstitutional in a case which surrounded recording police in public.

That being said, police are still engaging in deplorable activities like confiscating cell phones and destroying evidence and flipping out for no reason when being filmed.

Connecticut’s state Senate is now taking a stand by recently approving a bill, Senate Bill 245, which would allow citizens to sue police officers if they arrest them for legally recording in public.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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