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Reid Halts Budget Process; No Vote Likely Until After Nov. Election

April 21, 2012
Wynton Hall, Breitbart News

American families make and live by a budget. But not the Congress.

Thursday marks the 1,086th day since Senate Democrats passed a budget plan, despite the fact that doing so merely requires a simple majority vote. Yet Sen. Harry Reid’s decision to kill the Senate mark-up process this week ensures that the United States Senate will not pass a budget until after the November election. As the Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said Wednesday:

“The effective cancellation of this mark-up puts in crystal focus that the Senate’s Democrat leadership is determined to go to November without ever bringing a budget to the floor… They have proven themselves unable to meet the defining challenge of our time. But if Republicans are honored with a Senate majority next year, we will conduct a real mark-up and we will pass an honest budget. And it will change the debt course of America.”

A “mark-up” is a process wherein a congressional committee debates on voting amendments while adding and removing language to a provision.

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