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Agenda 21 In Your Face!

April 18, 2012
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  1. Rwolf permalink
    April 18, 2012 10:20 am

    UN Agenda 21—Is Property Theft
    Will You Be Compensated—for lost Land Value? Lost Property Rights?

    Why would any American want to give the UN a “Foreign Agent” Control Over Vast Amounts of U.S. Land?

    UN Agenda 21 Supporters and Promoters want to surrender several huge “regions” of US Land to UN Control. Could that include your real property? Direct and Indirect UN attacks among others on Americans’ property rights, appear facilitated by unelected bureaucrats that change land use codes and zoning—crippling property owners’ full use of their land. UN Agenda 21, also known as—SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT—if fully implemented will make land ownership for millions of Americans, especially in urban and rural areas so government regulated—it is foreseeable property buyers would not consider (UN affected U.S. real estate) a viable investment.

    BEWARE of the following Words and Phrases that may be used to camouflage intent to diminish or end real property rights—including “Designated Regions” in America subject to UN Agenda 21: Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Smart growth, Smart Cities, Non-human Habitat Zones, Biodiversity.

    Should Congress be held accountable for assuming a flagship role in implementing strategies of UN Agenda 21 and Earth Summit agreements in U.S. domestic policy—that ultimately would give UN control over vast amounts of U.S. Land that belong to Americans? It was foreseeable by Congress—their support of UN Agenda 21—would strip long held property rights—restrict many U.S. Citizens’ full use of their land; lower property values, reduce collected property taxes needed to support community infrastructures e.g., pay non-federal government employees—especially in urban and rural communities affected by UN Agenda 21.

    Some U.S. Citizens unwittingly supported UN Agenda 21 and Earth Summit Conference Agreements that attack U.S. property rights. However, consideration might be given to (legally) remove from office—community leaders, commissioners, planners and other individuals that Support UN Agenda 21 or similar plans to establish in America designated areas (Regions) that would restrict an owner’s full use of their property they pay property taxes.

  2. April 18, 2012 9:37 am

    I sometrimes daydream that the people will rise up and send the UN to Brussles where there are plenty of moslems for the United Arab Nations to minister to.

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