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Napolitano perjured herself to Congress in Fast & Furious testimony – HUMAN EVENTS

April 16, 2012
Dave Bertrand, TrafficAlert

Speculation suggests that when the “Fast and Furious” congressional hearings end, Janet Napolitano, if not (also) Eric Holder will face possible prison terms….but not while Obama is president.

Everyday, the corruption discovered with this government is creating extreme animosity among politicians, between themselves and against the Obama Administration.

The American people have had enough, but nobody has a solution, nor do they intend to do anything about it!

In the meanwhile, illegal laws continue to be passed (behind closed doors) insulating the criminals we supposedly elected.

Now the Bilderbergs (global cabal) have openly announced that THEY will pick a running-mate for Romney. Sarah Palin was the last pick for the (NDAA) treasonous McCain, and the result was exactly what the majority of Americans believed they were instrumental in promoting.

Again we will see that same majority of approximately 60% re-elect an illegal president…

The insanity of (our) election system can be seen everyday with the mindless (low life) scum that cruise the aisles of Wal*Mart. The mentality observed is so far over-the-top, you have to ask yourself…”these people vote?”

This corrupt government, via constant brainwashing, appeals to that 60% that have no business voting…

The problem we face is (our) attempt to educate at least 20% of the low lifes, but as long as they rely on false promises and “change,” then we can expect the collapse of America to be right on schedule.

That 60% are the problem we face as a free republic. And the evil empire is desparately pulling stunts to grab our guns, stifle free speech, and ultimatley create a class warfare in-order to help criminals like Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder to continue the lies and deception they so proudly commit every day.

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