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$500 Million Secretly Diverted to IRS is Not about HealthCare — It’s About Control

April 10, 2012
The Godfather, Godfather Politics

There are no such restrictions on our government. Billions of dollars are at its disposal, and disposal is the right word. If the federal General Services Administration wants to take a trip to Las Vegas and spend nearly a million dollars, they can do it. It’s not their money.

Now we learn that a half-billion dollars has been diverted to the IRS “to help set up the president’s controversial health-care law.” So even before the program is up and running, $500 million is being spent on enforcement.

Not only do we have to contend with the IRS and its thousands of pages of regulations, power to tax, and authority to garnish wages, but now we’re going to be at the mercy of this agency when it comes to healthcare.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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