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Is Sharia Law a Threat to the American Judicial System?

April 6, 2012
da Tagliare, Godfather Politics

In the last year, we have been hearing a lot of news about Sharia law, its dangers and its threats to the American judicial system.  Most Americans believe it is a dangerous set of male centered sexist laws for the complete dehumanizing of members of the female sex.

Then there are those like Jamal Badawi who is making the circuit in the US defending Sharia law and telling us there is nothing to worry about.  His latest stop was in Perrysburg, Ohio, a suburb of Toledo.  He told the crowd that the states that were trying to enact laws barring judges from considering any foreign laws are reacting to Sharia hysteria.

Badawi also told the crowd that he believes it is very unlikely that Sharia law or any form of Islamic legal code could actually influence our courts and legal decisions without first being approved by the legislatures.  He said that this is highly unlikely since only about three percent of the American population is made up of Muslims and then added,

“That is a decision of the people, not a decision of a small minority.”

“It is a question of accommodation and respect of the diversity of this country on which it was built.”

“Some people just have this hysteria that Sharia is something coming from Mars to destroy us. ‘The Martians are coming!’  It’s a big myth. It’s a scare tactic.”

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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