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Fw: Armed Build-up in the U.S.

April 6, 2012
Dave Bertrand, TrafficAlert

Recent reports that DHS has purchased 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow points and preparing to acquire 175 million rounds of .223 caliber ammo, used by NATO and U.S. military forces, is a discerning fact that Americans are not easily digesting.

Is this a result of over 1 million weapons purchased by Americans during January and February 2012 from Sturn, Ruger & Company?

Over 10 million guns were sold during 2011 which now accounts for a total of 47% of America’s 311 million now own guns! Record ammo sales have cleaned many shelves from coast to coast.

This dramatic increase in gun sales and ammo supplies has grown as a result of the intense security “Police State” that is presently being imposed on the population.

The reaction by Homeland Security is no doubt…a build-up of quasi-military action to defend federal infrastructure in the event a civil war is unleashed within our borders.

Combine the fact that “desparate people do desparate things,” the growing concern by patriots is that culture wars and roving gangs could easily compromise internal security of home, family and neighbors.

Is it likley that Homeland Security is planning to protect Americans from an element that wants to invade your neighborhood? Or…is a full blown martial law event just around the corner?

The jury is out on that one, but this recent activity by DHS to initiate an overwhelming defense force, (heavily armed and growing), nearly half the country is preparing for any event that is thrown at the American population.

Alex Jones and Joyce Riley are the main two talk shows discussing this issue…because the corrupt administration has placed the lid on mainstream media from talking about this.

We are in some very interesting times and saving our country from the elements that want to destroy our freedoms and liberties are hard at work to destroy the 1st through the 9th amendments of our Constitution. The recent passage of the amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) does just that!

The line in the sand has been drawn, but the line is not just one line, but several lines, based-on what (you) want to protect the most.

The final “line” that protects the Constitution is the 2nd amendment, since all other rights can be easily dissolved when the people can no longer defend what the Founding Fathers of our Constitution created.

The “Oath” to protect that Constitution from “all enemies foreign and domestic” is at the forefront of our survival and authority/responsibilty to act when tyranny shows its ugly face.

The American population and the federal government are again facing each other, not face to face, but pschologically as both sides are preparing for an armed conflict, which the enemy is not clearly defined.

The enemy is within, and depending upon one’s ideology or culture, be it tyranny, thug gangs, terrorists, or a Mexican drug cartel invasion across the southwest border, the bottom line is that Americans demand their 2nd amendment right to own and bear firearms, no matter the results.

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It’s time to develop an emergency plan for your family and neighbors, it’s time to be vigilant..

Why Does The Department Of Homeland Security Need 450 MILLION Hollow Point Bullets?

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