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Those Inciting Violence Over Martin Tragedy Must be Prosecuted

April 2, 2012
Kelly OConnell, Canada Free Press

Celebrity Vigilantes Sharpton, Spike Lee & Rosie Barr Lash Out as Barack Keeps Silent

The recent tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin understandably stirred up great debate over self-defense laws, citizen patrols, gun rights, and racial profiling. But despite the fact that the actual details of the case are still in dispute, several celebrities have called for a vigilante response. The question here is whether the right of Free Speech would protect these actions. The answer, according to the US Supreme Court in the seminal case Brandenburg v. Ohio, is Free Speech rights do not protect persons from words bringing harm to others. This is the topic of this essay, which suggests the USDOJ consider prosecuting these persons before the innocent are hunted down and murdered in the name of celebrity justice.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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