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Fw: NYT: Police Tracking of Cellphones (Small Town Bypasses AT&T / Verizon)

April 1, 2012
David Bertrand, TrafficAlert

Gilbert Arizona Police decided that paying AT&T and Verizon for surveillance monitoring/tracking “packages” was too involved and cumbersome, therefore the department invested $244,000 of tax payer’s money and bought their own monitoring digital communications equipment to track and monitor text messages within their area provided by surrounding cell towers.

Pulling the battery from your cell phone and NOT being a moving red dot on someone’s laptop screen is still a debate, by ‘Wired Magazine’ the question being…if your cellphone is still emitting a signal with the battery removed.

Likely not…but one clue that an attempt by an agency to turn-on your cellphone is evident is when your cellphone immediately turns-on when placing the battery in the device….without (first) holding the ‘on’ button.

One theory is that some phones will do that if a call or text was sent to your cellphone, with the battery removed, because the call or text is in limbo within the network. However….if your cellphone turns-on automatically for a couple weeks and then it doesn’t at other times, then you might have a cell phone that is protected and silenced when the battery is removed.

Safe guards for protecting your own privacy is a right that you have…

We are currently under a “Police State” and because you have nothing to hide, therefore you don’t care is APATHY…and some call that TREASON. Feeding the beast is not going to somehow make your life better…in-fact, apathy is destroying America.

Pulling your battery from your cellphone will save lives, because you will not be using it when you are driving, and those that don’t and continue to be apathetic are most likely dangerous drivers anyway.

Make it a habit to pull your battery and only use your cellphone when absolutely necessary. Keep an old (inactive) cellphone around, since it will still work for 911 calls, but is not traceable.

One last bit of advice….your friends could cause an overzeaolus agency / police department to tag you with surveillance when using certain “buzz” words in a text to make themselves appear cute and funny.

Texting, pics and private conversations are YOUR business, but allowing it to be (openly) the government’s business is just careless and immature.

Police Are Using Phone Tracking as a Routine Tool …..

Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless
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