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Is The Obama Administration Evil?

March 21, 2012
J.D. Longstreet, Right Side News

Back in the 1970’s, a novel was written by “Thomas Luke,” a nom de plume (by the way) for Graham Masterton.  The title of the book was/is “The Hell Candidate.”

The premise of the story is that a candidate for President of the United States makes a pact with Satan to secure the presidency.  The reader follows “the hell candidate” through the campaign, which, of course, he wins.

OK.  Before you ask — yes, I did read the novel, back when it was published in the seventies.  No pun intended — that cussed book made a heck of an impression.   It was right up my alley — politics and religion, er, possibly NON-religion?  Whatever.

(“The Hell Candidate” by Thomas Luke is available at Amazon HERE.

So why am i making reference to Mr. Masterton’s book?  Because America is in the midst of a presidential campaign and I am beginning to feel as if there is another Hunter Peal in the running.  (Hunter Peal was the hell candidate in the book of the same name.)

Look.  I’ve been around for a rather long time and this presidential campaign isn’t my first rodeo.  Even before I could vote I was helping at my local Board of Elections on election nights.  I was HOOKED!  I still am — sorry to say.

Where am I going with this?  Here — Obamacare is a piece of legislation drafted in Hell and, if NOT signed by Satan himself, then it certainly has his seal of approval stamped (in glowing red letters) diagonally across the signature page.

Under Obamacare I am going to have to pay for abortions that my faith tells me are flat-out wrong.  I stand with the Catholic Church in their opposition to Obamacare’s forcing them to violate their religious faith and commit a sin.

Now we learn, that under Obamacare, voluntary sterilization of young women (and young men) will be offered free for women — girls— as young as fifteen years of age!

Just so I am clear on this — in my opinion — this is pure evil.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. March 21, 2012 11:01 am

    Obama is the anti-Christ. He has been protected from public scrutiny all through his presidency. No matter the overwhelming evidence of his past, the brainwashed public and media wants to give him a pass. If that’s not evidence that something evil is going on, I’ll hush.
    Remember how people said when he was first elected, “Well, we didn’t know much about him”. Guess what? We still don’t and it looks like he’ll be re-elected. You can’t reason with his supporters because they don’t want to believe they’ve been hoodwinked, and are going to be hoodwinked again; ignorance is bliss, but Obama’s second term won’t be blissfull. This term he’ll “finish the job”.

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