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Illinois Gun Legislation on the Move

March 6, 2012
Gun Owners of America

Flurry of Anti-gun Bills Saturates the Illinois Legislature — But one bill would repeal the FOID card!

As you are probably aware, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is pressing for increased gun controls in Springfield.

According to press reports in the state, “Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently called for a mandatory gun registration with a $65 fee [which] would pay for improving a background-checking system that has failed to process 100,000 mental health records.”

Of course, including mental health records in the background check means that more military veterans who are suffering from PTSD will be denied their firearms rights. This has already happened to more than 150,000 vets nationwide.

Thankfully, one legislator is fighting back. Senator William Sam McCann has introduced SB 3340 to repeal the FOID card. This is one of the few silver linings in a legislature that has been inundated with a flurry of anti-gun legislation.

Consider just some examples of anti-gun legislation that is currently moving through the House:

  • HB 1294 — bans many, if not most, semi-automatic firearms
  • HB 1599 — imposes long prison sentences for “unlawful use of weapons”
  • HB 1855 — criminalizes failure to report lost or stolen guns
  • HB 4149 and HB 4456 — Bans private sales of handguns
  • HB 5167 — imposes a 2% surtax on ammunition
  • HB 5831 — requires registration of all handguns

ACTION: Please write your state Representative and Senator and urge them to oppose ANY violation of your Second Amendment rights. Urge them instead to follow the approach of SB 3340, which would repeal the FOID card — an unconstitutional requirement which has done NOTHING to curb crime in Illinois.

Click here, where you can type in your address to find and contact your Representative and Senator.

You can cut and paste the messages below, which are customized for each chamber.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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