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Don’t Let Our Frustration Divide Us

March 4, 2012
Michael Bruning, Paul Revere in Arizona

My Dear Friends in Freedom and in the Defense of Liberty:

Now is not the time to allow our frustrations with any investigation into the eligibility of Obama divide us as a people and as a nation.  Considering the numerous obstacles that the opposition can place in front of these efforts and the millions of dollars in financial resources available via George Soros and his gang of “secret” blogs and an army of anti-American minions, it’s any wonder that the investigations have made as much progress as they have.

In the case of the Cold Case Posse investigation in Maricopa county Arizona, under the authority of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, success thus far would be an understatement.  Indeed, the questions surrounding the validity of the Obama Birth Certificate and his Selective Service Registration Card have been scientifically determined to be forged documents and poor forgeries at that.  Likewise, the attempts by the Posse to obtain other public documents such as INS records and FAA records relative to the period August 1, 1961 thru August 7, 1961, were not successful.  Even at the level of the National Archives, these records, specifically for that time frame have gone missing, while records prior to and subsequent to the timeframe requested remain intact.  There is no such thing as a coincidence!!

While the Cold Case Posse investigation continues, the Sheriff searches for the direction that the facts will take us and raises the question as to who should look at the evidence.  To be sure, the Attorney General of the United States and the Department of Justice cannot be trusted, nor does it appear that Congress can be trusted either.  But, such concerns, as legitimate as they are, should not burden the Sheriff, the Posse, or the American people at this time.  What should concern us is the fact that so many of our elected officials, people who actually were responsible for “vetting” this guy …. failed in their duty to ensure that the integrity of the ballot box and the security of the nation were absolutely preserved, protected and defended as is required under the Constitution.  Even to this day, knowing full well that they failed in their CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY, members of the Congress and, specifically the Arizona Delegation, either refused to comment on the findings of the Cold Case Posse or immediately stated that the believe that Obama is a U.S. Citizen and that he was born in the USA.  Of the two AZ Democrats, one refused comment and the other went on a political rant essentially attacking the Sheriff on other issues.  What is most important, however, is the evidence that has been discovered via the White House website and the document proffered by Obama in April 2011.  This is the document that has been examined by forensic document experts and it is this document that Obama supplied to the general public that has been proven to be forged.

It is not enough to be critical of Obama and his minions, but it is of equal importance that we examine the failures of our elected officials and the titular heads of both the democrat party and the GOP.  Under the guise of infallibility, Nancy Pelosi and the Chairperson of the DNC, certified that Obama was the nominee of the party and that he met the constitutional requirements to seek the office of the president.  Indeed, it is known that both Pelosi and the Chairperson issued one certificate that was sent to Hawaii that met the language requirements of the Federal Election Commission and that the other 49 States and our Territories received a certificate that merely stated that Obama was the nominee of the democrat party.  Under penalty of perjury, Pelosi and the party Chairperson continued the deception …. a deception that blunted the criticism of numerous concerned citizens who suspected otherwise.

When the election was over, the issue went to the Electoral College, a once constitutionally useful body, the likes of which no longer exists and now, provides its seal of approval via the influence of the politicians and the two party system.  Once it meets in December and “rubber stamps” the outcome of the election, it sends the results to the congress, who, in the first assembly in January – jointly accept, review and certify the vote of the Electoral College.  On January 21st – the deed is done and the Chief Justice ties the knot.

What we tend to forget is that the Constitution requires that the President must be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.  He cannot be a native born citizen or a naturalized citizen or a resident, etc.!!  HE/SHE MUST BE A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN as intended by the founders …. which means, as all good Americans know via their history and civic classes, the he/she must have been born of citizen parents or naturalized citizens, prior to his/her own birth.  In this particular instance …. Obama’s father was a British subject and never a U.S. citizen and his mother at age 18, could not, by the laws of the day, bestow U.S. Citizenship upon Obama, so, at the time of his birth, wherever that may have been, HE WAS A BRITISH SUBJECT, as was his father.

The politicians of today, and especially those in Arizona who adamantly state that Obama is a citizen and that he was born in Hawaii – need to provide Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse the evidence that they relied upon to reach that conclusion.  Likewise, Nancy Pelosi, the DNC, the RNC, the Electoral College, the Congress of the United States, the Supreme court and the Certifying Official in every State and Territory, all need to be forthcoming with the factual and irrefutable evidence that clearly demonstrates that Obama met the ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS TO BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES AS SET FORTH IN THE CONSTITUTION OF THIS REPUBLIC.

Such political distortions and misrepresentations have exacerbated the search for the truth, relative to this matter, and Obama has led the charge that has been successful in keeping legitimate scrutiny from undermining his fraud.  The Maricopa County Cold Case Posse, under the forceful leadership of Sheriff Joe must pursue this investigation, no matter where the evidence and the facts take them.

IMO ….. Obama not only does not meet the requirements of the Constitution …. he doesn’t even meet the requirements of being able to claim that he is a citizen of the United States.  Absent any certifiable proof provided by Obama for disinterested 3rd party review …. I can only conclude that Obama is and always has been a British subject under the 1750’s Law of Nations definition and that he is and always has been a “STEALTH” ILLEGAL ALIEN.

If our elected officials insist on making public statements that mock the facts and pretend that the evidence does not exist or is otherwise manufactured….then we must insist that they themselves provide the proof via factual and irrefutable documentation that Obama was, is and remains eligible to be the president of the United States.

Let history record, that as of this time, ALL OF THE EVIDENCE PROVIDED BY OBAMA OR OBTAINED THROUGH LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT SOURCES – ARE FRAUDULENT DOCUMENTS WHICH HAVE BEEN DETERMINED TO HAVE BEEN FORGED.  By ignoring the scientific proof and the evidence gathered thus far….our elected officials, specifically those holding office at the time of his nomination and election, are guilty of being ignorant at the very least, or guilty of treason at the very most.  Thus, they continue to confound the matter by their continued claims that Obama is a citizen born in the USA – even though Obama stated that his father was not a U.S. citizen and was born in Kenya – a representation that is in direct opposition to the eligibility requirements stated in the Constitution of the United States.  Ask yourself this:  If the NATURAL BORN CITIZENSHIP requirement that is in the Constitution was not a key requirement, why then did Obama and Clinton support 8 attempts, from 2003 thru 2008, to pass a constitutional amendment that would remove the NBC clause?  And, why did both Obama and Clinton support a Senate Resolution in 2008 that certified that McCain was a NBC – even though his parents were both U.S. citizens stationed on U.S. Territory in Panama and that issue had already been resolved many years earlier?  It is obvious why these actions were taken and why no examination of Obama’s eligibility would ever take place.  HE WOULD HAVE NEVER PASSED THE SCRUTINY OR THE CONSTITUTIONAL TEST!!

At issue here …. is the integrity of the Constitution and the Rule of Law.  With all of the “lawyers” who have career TENURE in the Congress of the United States and with all of the “judges” that rub shoulders with all of the “lawyers” in the congress and in both political parties …. why is it that common sense, ordinary, street level American citizens and a County Sheriff can look at the evidence supported by Obama and all these “lawyers and judges, et al”, and reach the conclusion that the truth is in the facts and the facts have proven that the evidence provided and defended by Obama is nothing more than deliberate forgery’s perpetrated by a fraud.  If the likes of Ben Quayle and Jeff flakes wish to serve the people of Arizona and remain faithful to their Oath of Office …. then they need to provide the Cold Case Posse the evidence and the proof that they rely upon to make the statement that Obama is a citizen born in the USA.  As it stands now, both of them and a few more in Arizona are nothing more than rubber stamps for a cover-up and a conspiracy perpetrated by hundreds of other corrupt politicians and their many minions.  JEFF FLAKE AND BEN QUAYLE …. WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE AND PROOF AS TO WHAT YOU SAY ON BEHALF OF THE CITIZENS YOU CLAIM TO REPRESENT?

In my opinion, this is not the time to let our frustrations divide us.  If anything, this is the time that we grow a spine and expose the rats that have been allowed to infest our Republic and undermine our Constitution and Rule of Law.  We can no longer allow any politician who was involved in this “cover-up” by an act of commission or omission, to continue to occupy any seat in our government.  Let us remember:  When George Washington, as the Commanding General of the Continental Army, discovered that his dear friend and one of his best Generals, Benedict Arnold, was aiding and abetting the British, he dismissed him and brought him up on charges of treason, the results of which caused Arnold to flee to England, never to set foot on American soil again.


God Bless the Cold Case Posse …. God Bless Sheriff Joe and to be sure …. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

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  1. Raiven permalink
    March 5, 2012 11:23 pm

    “The first reaction to truth is hatred”

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