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The United States’ War on Terror Threatens America

March 3, 2012
Michael S. Rozeff,

The first thing to understand about terrorism against America is that it is negligible. Horrible as it was, the destruction of the Trade Towers was an outlier, that is, an event that lies way, way outside the main body of terrorist activity. It is no comfort to the dead, the injured and to their loved ones to point this out, but it is something that must be understood because failure to understand the realities of terrorism has led Americans to support aggressive war policies that are highly destructive of innocent lives and societies overseas and do not diminish the threat of terrorism. These immoral and unjust policies have increased the numbers of terrorists dedicated to destroying American life. As a negative bonus, they have undermined the economy and freedoms of America, thereby causing an untold increase in hardship among Americans now and in the future.

The war on terror has been a terrible mistake. Terrorism against America was never so big that it required a war against it, much less a world wide war that made hash out of the Bill of Rights, militarized police and turned the country sharply in the direction of a police state.

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  1. March 3, 2012 11:17 pm

    Confusing threat by competing states for actual threat is a dangerous mistake. Iran has never been a threat except religious in the Middle East. Israel is a religious as well as a political military threat for the area, Religion dominate the culture of a nation in all its aspect,
    Israel and Islamic religion create socially different societies communities, and even economic market institutions and behavioural expectations. Not arguing which is better, not our business.

  2. March 3, 2012 10:54 am

    i’ve about had it up to the kiester with these damn offspring of apes and pigs threatening to ‘get their way’ by causing trouble. If we had a real president he could explain to the ‘offended’ countries to stop vexing the US with your schoolyard threats or an ICBN just might land
    in the country that keeps poping off. That would eliminate numerous sub-human apes at once. Do they want trouble that bad; because if they’re so hip to die, that can be arranged, so let’s just stop this ineffectual “dialogue” shit and lay the cards on the table. I really don’t think they want to die for the cause as much as they say they would.

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