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Are schools claiming legal custody of your children

March 2, 2012
Brasscheck TV

In Detroit, a young girl was called away from class to be given four vaccinations without her parents permission, even after the school received documents, from the mother, stating that it did NOT have permission to administer medical treatment beyond band-aids.

So what’s the deal here? If you send your kids to school, the school will do whatever the heck they want with them, but if you don’t send them to school you can go to jail and have your kids taken from you, and then the State will do whatever the heck it wants with them.

Apparently, some people don’t feel they’re YOUR kids.

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  1. Rwolf permalink
    March 2, 2012 12:50 pm

    In my opinion, no government agency or school should be allowed to vaccinate or stick a needle in children without parental consent. If I appear not to trust the government to always do the right thing for children—you are correct. I came to this conclusion after reading several shocking published reports that exposed decades of U.S. Government bio-logical experiments on unsuspecting Americans, including children and disabled persons. For example: access the following web address you may read: (Plutonium Files: How the U.S. Secretly Fed Radioactivity to Thousands of Americans)

    Or access (Unethical human experimentation in the United States) at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia at

    Typically when U.S. Government has been exposed for biologically experimenting on unsuspecting Americans and others— the Government has offered an apology to its victims including the dead, then proceeded to harm others with medical, biological, radiation or chemical experiments. Considering government’s long track record of horrific experiments on Americans—demonstrated lack of concern for human beings, a parent should legally challenge any government agency e.g., that has or intends to vaccinate their children at school or elsewhere without parental consent?

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