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Harry Reid and Senate Democrats Are Holding Up 24 ‘Jobs Bills’ Passed By the House

February 26, 2012
Wynton Hall, Breitbart Big Government
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With Gallup’s recent report that the U.S. underemployment rate now stands at a jaw-dropping 19 percent, Speaker John Boehner wants to know why Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Democrats have yet to take action on the 24 jobs bills passed by the Republican-led House of Representatives.

If the president really wants to get the economy moving again, maybe he’ll pick up the phone and call Senator Reid and ask Senate Democrats to get off their rear ends.

Some political analysts believe Speaker Boehner’s comments may forecast the Republican Party’s congressional election strategy.  According to Reuters, everywhere Speaker Boehner goes, he now carries in his left breast-coat pocket a four by eight card that lists the two dozen jobs bills that have passed the House but lay dormant in the Democrat-controlled Senate.  Boehner’s card, says Nathan Gonzales of the Rothenberg Political Report, may presage a broader electoral strategy:

“If they can demonstrate what they are for, they can rebut Obama’s charge that they are ‘obstructionists’ who aren’t for anything,” Gonzales said. “But we have to see to what extent Republicans are willing and able to follow this playbook.”

All 242 House Republicans have been urged by leadership to flash these cards at Washington news conferences as well as town-hall meetings and campaign events back home.

For his part, Sen. Reid has met Speaker Boehner’s jobs challenge with derision:

Reid has called the Republican proposals “subterfuge” and said that cutting regulations would “make people sicker, our air dirtier and our food less safe.”

“That’s what they’re doing to create jobs,” Reid scoffed a day after Boehner touted the jobs bills on a TV talk show.

Speaker Boehner’s move to go on offense about jobs will prove critical in an election likely to center on America’s stagnant economic growth and persistently high unemployment numbers.   Democrats need to win 25 seats to regain majority control of the House of Representatives.

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  1. February 26, 2012 11:57 pm

    Well Read is not my favorite with his chummy body Lieberman and he got the Jewish vote by re-appointing Lieberman chair of prestigious committee he wanted to serve Israel interest such as Military, Security etc. Also did not like how they use illegal to vote. Simple, actually, they send out Jury Duty form, when they appear by law they must ask for citizenship and are turned down BUT in the form they fill out there is an identity stub since they are accepted for the Court like the stub you get when you vote by mail. The stubs become identity card when you vote and other uses. Several states are doing this including California where we are protesting. However in this particular case Reid is right the Republican Bill always have some unacceptable demand such as find a place where you ca get the money to pay for them, such as
    S.S.Medicare etc. So rob one needed program to pay for what you want
    like Job creation. It is a scam they have played all along.

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