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All We Like Sheep

February 25, 2012
Joseph Sobran

A Blast From The Past …..

Once upon a time, my father bought Time magazine every week, as I do now. He paid 20 cents per issue; I’m paying $3.95. In my teens I bought paperback editions of Shakespeare’s plays for 35 cents each; now they cost about five bucks.

I’m no economist; these are just some of my rough indices of how prices have risen in my memory. Things in general now cost ten to twenty times as much as they used to. Don’t even ask about groceries or cars. If prices increased 1000 per cent overnight, we’d notice. Spread over decades, it seems natural. We hardly notice, let alone suspect mischief.

What’s going on? Is America under the sway of an enormous counterfeiting ring? That’s one way to put it. The funny money operation is formally known as the U.S. Government.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. February 25, 2012 11:08 pm

    Joseph Sobran you must holler a little louder, they are hard of hearing I know I have a permanent sore throat and sore fingers now since I switched to the Internet. How can a headliner hungry Media not notice trillions of dollar disappear??? There is the problem we no longer have a fourth estate as required by the Constitution, we went underground during Vietnam days, but getting better now with the Internet, as long as Gordon,Harold and all the rest of you keep exposing scandal so big so fast they are too busy to fidget with the Internet. I have a minor in Constitutional law on my PhD and I am busy knocking down Blarney. Since most of them probably have never read the Constitution only edited parts well they are having problems. So lets keep at it.

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