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Senator Lindsey Graham: Interventionist, Warmonger, Man of Empire

February 25, 2012
Michael S. Rozeff,

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is a leader of the pack against Iran, as depicted in this AP news article.

At this historical juncture in which aggression against Iran on the part of Israel and/or the U.S. is openly discussed, Graham is an influential congressional interventionist and warmonger. What is he thinking and saying? What are his arguments, and what are the real reasons for attacking Iran that he is not expressing?

Graham conveyed his willingness to attack Iran in his AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) speech in 2010. This was a natural forum for Graham, who is a staunch supporter of Israel and its policies, and for Israel, which would like nothing better than to tip the U.S. into war against Iran.

Graham’s speech transcript is available. See here for the speech video. In that speech, Graham said

“We must not allow this Iranian theocracy to develop a nuclear weapon. It’s not enough to be determined. We have to say without any hesitation: it will not happen.

“All options must be on the table. You know exactly what I’m talking about.”

He explained that he would be willing to strike militarily in order to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon:

“My belief is a military strike stopping the Iranian government from having a nuclear weapon is more effective than trying to deal with the Iranian government after they have one.”

He explained that he would strike Iran very hard:

“And if military force is ever employed, it should be done in a decisive fashion. The Iranian government’s ability to wage conventional warfare against its neighbors and our troops in the region should not exist. They should not have one plane that can fly or one ship that can float.”

Graham would support the destruction of Iran’s infrastructure to accomplish his goals.

He would support the destruction of Iran’s government and its replacement by a new government friendly to the U.S.:

“I want to talk very quickly about the world as we wish it to be…

“An Iran controlled by its people, not some theocracy. An Iran governed by someone other than a Holocaust denier – that’s the world we wish it to be. An Iran pursuing peaceful nuclear power, not a nuclear weapon.”

Graham advocates that the U.S. launch a war or join Israel in a war against Iran, if the U.S. doesn’t get its way via sanctions and diplomacy. He advocates this aggression even if Iran doesn’t attack the U.S. or Israel and even if it does not violate any of its international treaties.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. February 25, 2012 11:43 pm

    Let me draw you a picture that might let you see Graham for what he is.
    There is a Man named Lieberman who for all practical purposes is or was the Lobby and AIPEC front men and Congress communicator of Tel Aviv will.
    I noticed one day how close he would hang on to certain people, Hillary’ picture showed up on TV with Lieberman seriously talking to her as she shook her head. Hillary voted for the Iraq war and became a supporter of Bush and Neocon Plan. Then McCain decided to run for office “perhaps”, Lieberman never left his side even spoke for him. Graham joined the duo and it became a trio. McCain lost Lieberman found other target McCain only had Graham left. Now, McCain gave Graham status, status is power the Lobby is money.

  2. February 25, 2012 10:12 am

    The U.S, has got no business getting in involved in anymore war scenarios in the middle east. Obama would like nothing more than to see what’s left of our military thoroughly HUMILIATED by iran. The arabs want to draw us into as many skirmishes as possible in an effort to bleed us dry and die “the death of a thousand cuts”. We have one ally over there, which Obama would like to see destroyed, too: Israel, and they really need our kind of help when it comes to defeating an enemy. They took out Iran’s and Syria’s nuclear reactors without any assistance. I think Moslem brotherhood is going to make Hussein O’bama caliph with the arisal of the new caliphate for his decisive role in destabilizing the middle east and alienating us from anyone who was our ally in europe, THE ENEMY IS WITHIN.

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