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Ron Paul’s Blowback Claim

February 24, 2012
Betty Freauf, News With Views

I checked my dictionary only to find there is no such word as “blowback” but one definition for “blow” said it is a sudden shock, calamity, reversal, etc. Is that what happened on 9/11/2001? So GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul has invented a new word and ironically, I’ve been hearing talk show pundits like the King of Talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, use it to define other instances such as the reversal by Susan B. Komen regarding grant money to Planned Parenthood receiving lots of “blowback” from pro-lifers. And why, all of a sudden, are the other GOP presidential candidates suddenly talking about “Liberty and Freedom” which have been used over and over again by Ron Paul for eons. Could it be that a CNN poll way back in December showed this so-called “unelectable” Ron Paul tied with President Obama? Even if Ron Paul doesn’t win, he’s gotten his message out and awakening some sleeping giants.

Limbaugh continues to mock Ron Paul about “all those wars” wasting money. Rush has dumped on Paul, the “conservative” press treats him as a joke, and conservative talking heads routinely dismiss him; however, a UTube by Neil Cavuto on the Internet takes his fellow pundits at Fox News to task for their blatantly dismissive attitudes toward Paul. Limbaugh claims to have had an epiphany that Romney will ask Ron Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul to be his Vice President, who says he’d be honored to accept. He’s noticed that Ron Paul has not attacked Romney in the debates- a strategy that has not gone unnoticed by the British press.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. February 26, 2012 7:05 am

    Romney knows he will need the enthusiastic support of Ron Paul and the increasingly libertarian base of the Republican Party to prevail over Hussein in November. He can only achieve this by accepting key points of the Paul agenda into his own platform and prevailing upon Rand Paul, Judge Napolitano or even Ron Paul (unlikely) to be his VP nominee. It should be noted that BYU’s Libertarian Club is huge and libertarianism is compatible with many Mormon doctrines and teachings. After all, Brigham Young was probably the first Libertarian leader. And, yes, the “blowback,” from acknowledging and empowering a libertarian VP would change the character of the Republican Party for a generation. I bet even Ann Coulter would be enthusiastic.

  2. February 26, 2012 12:12 am

    You did not find it because it is two words. It was used together as a slang by young people when they used to have those thing or toys that came back to hit you or you can call it ricochet.

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