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Police as ‘Stalking’ Victims? Chief in Bizarre Sunriver, Oregon Case Gets Fired

February 23, 2012
William Norman Grigg,

Mike Kennedy, police chief of Sunriver, Oregon, was fired on February 16, receiving a reported severance package of $100,000. That sum, representing the balance of Kennedy’s 2012 salary and accrued vacation time, seems oddly extravagant, given that his position was little more than a glorified sinecure.

“This is not about Mike being a bad guy, or anything of that nature,” Ron Angell, chairman of SSD’s Managing Board, told the Bend Bulletin. Angell described the severance deal as “fair and generous”; the second adjective is a pronounced understatement, and the first is at best disputable, given that there’s no evidence that the people whose property and rental taxes were used to pay Kennedy and his cohorts benefited at all from that arrangement.

Some Sunriver residents have long wondered why a resort community with a permanent population of roughly 1,000 people with a negligible crime rate needs a police department. This arrangement is even more peculiar in light of the fact that the U.S. Census Bureau considers the vacation enclave to be part of nearby Ben

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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