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Rick Santorum Exposed: Knights of Malta Member, Warmonger, and Long History of Corruption

February 19, 2012
The Intel Hub
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Rick Santorum, now a leading GOP candidate for president, has a long history of corruption and is a member of the secret society, the Knights of Malta.

In a recent transmission of Down the Rabbit Hole with Popeye of, Popeye and special guest Steve Stars spent two hours dissecting Santorums disgusting, warmongering history.

You can listen to the full broadcast here.

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  1. February 27, 2012 5:05 am

    Just when you think you’ve heard it all…

    Mason Ron Paul should tell the whole truth about what his biological cousin & Knight of Malta boss Peter Day of the BBC did to so many children & babies in America then do the honourable thing & fall on his own fcuking sword.

    Either by a Mea-Culpa public confession of his own involvement in such practices as well as those of fellow Masons + KOM wannabee Santorum & if he can’t find his sword then he should do it with his own god-shtick.

    Either way but do-it now Ron Paul before you lose your soul.

    ROBBY (Ben-Astor) (Nee-Eichmann) DANIEL… (sic)

    (Will my Jewish rellies try to put Humpty together again)

    • February 27, 2012 7:43 am

      spacelizard is an excellent handle for you. It is obvious that you have not taken your medications, learned to spell or have a basic grasp of grammar. May I suggest you depart for the airport immediately and take the next El Al flight to Tel Aviv and volunteer for the IDF. They need you to help clear mine fields.

      • April 13, 2012 3:57 pm

        Yeah I’ll volunteer for that…

        Just as soon as you get your opinionated ego properly circumcised then get your over-rated ‘ANUS’ into gear & run for Congress in the US on a fake “Proof of Burth” certificate & then add your ‘ANUS’ to all of the other wonderful ‘ANI’ (Plural?) already there just to make America & thus the world a better safer place for our children…

        Shalom Shlomo…

  2. February 19, 2012 10:26 pm

    Just because we dont know the deep , dark secrets of obama, which were the first things he sealed when he became president, does not mean that he is not a member of a witch society, or any other deep dark society. WE just dont know about it because he is a very conniving and devious person.So dont get off on sanctorum or anyone else for societies they belong to when you know NOTHING about the person in the office of President!!!..This man may be very Dangerous for all WE KNOW!!! GEt a LIfe1!!

  3. Sam permalink
    February 19, 2012 1:45 pm

    What else would you expect from the biased liberal socialist media that worships the antichrist hussein that obviously has no knowledge of the islamic threat facing this country and the world. Stupid does as stupid is! Don’t waste your time or believe anything the liberal democrat media spouts.

  4. February 19, 2012 12:30 pm

    This commentary is highly inaccurate, a reflection of a deep bias towards the Catholic Church, and simply a deliberate attack on core values of Christianity. The Knights of Malta has been a prime obstacle to the expansion of Islam for 1000 years. Their valiant defense of Malta in 1588 prevented a planned onslaught of Islam against the Europe that afterwards led to their crushing defeat at the Battle of Lepanto. The Knights have been at the forefront of opposition to the Islamization of Europe and membership in the Order reflects a commitment to defense of Christendom whenever and whenever it may be threatened. Today, their principle effort is to protect the Christian minorities in the Middle East as well as charitable acts of immense value. Opus Dei arose out of the Chaos of the Spanish Civil War and the attempt of the Communists to crush Christianity not only in Spain but wherever they have influence. It is a community of mostly lay men and women who uphold the greatest traditions of Christianity. I pray that the slander of this most Christian of Christian organizations by the blasphemous Brown in the heretical novel The De Vinci Code and used as a source by the author will be regarded for what it is: ignorant deception. Repeating this offensive and biased commentary on a blog dedicated to conservative values is highly offensive. May I suggest heeding Glenn Beck’s statement “We are all Catholics now” and not allow deep and ancient religious differences affect our unity. I oppose Santorum not for his Christian convictions but because he is just another Washington insider, big government spender, and a war-monger. He may have a place in the conservative pantheon but not as POTUS. Ron Paul brings unity and integrity to the fight and would never criticize Santorum for his deeply held beliefs. By the way, Ronald Reagan was not only a member of the secret society Order of Cincinnatus he was also their honorary President.

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