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The Republican Mess

February 19, 2012
Jack Hunter, The Southern Avenger
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This is the first installment in Jack Hunter’s new Daily Caller video commentary series, “The Deal with Jack Hunter.” In this week’s installment, Jack argues that Rick Santorum, like Mitt Romney, is a “big-government conservative” and an “agent of the GOP establishment.”

Jack Hunter (also known by his radio moniker the “Southern Avenger”) is a frequent guest on Fox Business, Michael Savage’s nationally syndicated radio program “The Savage Nation” and a frequent guest host on The Mike Church Show on Sirius XM. Hunter is the co-author of “The Tea Party Goes to Washington” by Sen. Rand Paul, assisted Sen. Jim DeMint with his book “Now or Never: How to Save America from Economic Collapse” and writes the Paulitical Ticker blog for the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign.

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  1. February 19, 2012 10:23 am

    So far in this debacle that will probably be the last presidential election we ever have as the United States of America before Obama has fundamentally changes our country into the United Islamic States of America. Remember in his Egypt speech when he said “the United States could be the largest islamic country in the world”, he wasn’t just pandering to the arabs, he was telling us his mission and plan; the only folks that excite me in the GOP possibilities is the :Gingrich/Palin ticket (and it doesn’t exist as yet, and never may).

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