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Virginia General Assembly: Senator John Watkins – Property Rights Don’t Matter

February 18, 2012
Rick Buchanan, Right Side News

One Day at the General Assembly

My fellow Americans, I call upon the citizens of Virginia including my neighbors, fellow Virginians and God-fearing Americans.When our elected representatives that promise to represent the land owner, gun owner, business owner and any patriot who embraces the Constitution fail to represent “We the people”, it is time to find their replacement.  Property rights are being assaulted, see the RSN resource page.

On Monday, February 13th, the day before cross-over, I took on a responsibility incumbent on every citizen of our representative Republic. I took a day off from running my small business to visit my representatives in the General Assembly, speak to them about my concerns and watch the legislative sausage being made in Richmond. I also felt it was my duty as a leader of our local Tea Party here in Fauquier County and a leader in the State Tea Party Federation to learn as much as I could about the workings of our state legislature.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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