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League of Acceptable Nations

February 18, 2012
Paul Gottfried, Taki’s Magazine

United Neocon Nations

In his recent syndicated column “A U.N. for the good guys,” Jonah Goldberg evokes the mindset of seventeenth-century puritanism. This is entirely understandable. Much of what the American left teaches, including its neoconservative element, resembles American Calvinism – albeit in a warmed-over form. In Puritan New England, Congregationalists – the only authorized communicants – were deeply troubled that unredeemed polluted their assemblies. Those who considered themselves visible saints were forced to break bread with those who could not properly prove their divine election. This led to a sectarian split that resulted in Rhode Island’s settlement by breakaway Calvinists disgusted by the toleration of impure religious assemblies in Massachusetts. This determined group of dissenters formed a purified congregation of the saints

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. February 18, 2012 11:42 pm

    Just what I was thinking about all those escaping immigrants who claim they “came here for freedom of religion” They meant “their religion”
    because it never stops now trying to impose their religion on the rest. Just like the Europe they left right? They never learn that freedom of religion demand you keep your religion and be free with it, don’t push it on others. That was the pilgrim deal.

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