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Senate Passes Bill To Allow Airports to Kick Out TSA

February 13, 2012
Bojidar Marinov, Godfather Politics

It is known by experience that once a stupid law is passed, a hundred corrections will be needed to make it good. But never expect a legislature to repeal a stupid law and make its job easier. Legislators prefer to keep mending and correcting old stupid laws rather than simply repeal them and solve the problem once and for all.

9-11 gave a good opportunity to the legislators of both parties to punish 300 million American citizens with a law that deprived them of their tradition Constitutional liberties by declaring every American a suspect terrorist by default, until proven innocent. Our lawmakers didn’t miss that opportunity; they passed the Patriot Act. Of course, out of that came tyrannical monsters like Homeland Security and its child, the TSA. The legislators who proposed it at the beginning, now claim they didn’t expect it to turn into the monster it is today. Whether they expected it or not, it is a monster. For all the years of its existence, it didn’t catch a single terrorist, and it can’t prove that it improved the security of anything. Not that it is without its achievements, of course. Children were groped and molested, old and disabled people were terrorized, sexual predators and perverts found legitimate employment coupled with free satisfaction, and petty thieves had good opportunities to steal directly from travelers’ bags with impunity. Flying became more dangerous than before; except that now the terrorists are paid with Federal money and have blue uniforms. TSA, of course, adopted the policy of “our people are always right even when they are wrong,” and much of that Federal money went to protect them against court action.

A stupid law can create dangerous results. The Patriot Act went above and beyond in that respect.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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