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Black Hawks In Boston: The American Military Empire Comes Home

February 9, 2012
John W. Whitehead

The American Military Empire Comes Home

The bedrock of the American republic is fracturing. The Constitution is being eviscerated by government leaders and their corporate allies. The system of checks and balances embodied in that document, the mechanism which prevents the United States from sliding into tyranny, is eroding. The walls separating the three branches of government, as well as those separating the government from corporations and the military, have collapsed. With the rise of the national security state, this process has accelerated. Now, thanks to a collusion between domestic police forces and the military, we are being subjected to an onslaught of military drills carried out in major American cities, SWAT team raids on unsuspecting homeowners, Black Hawk helicopters patrolling American skies, and endless foreign wars that drain our national coffers.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. February 9, 2012 7:12 pm

    Excellent article describing the present situation and how we got here. But I would not blame the Presidents. Under Obama Presidency we see what happens when the President leaves it up to Congress and the Party. Now he has to repair that damage along with the mess he inherited. Take the Health Care program, during his candidacy Obama argued against Hillary “Traditional Democratic Party Heath Plan” position. Obama plan did not like the idea of a Mandate. Then he got elected and what happened? The Hillary crowd took over and pushed for a single payers. Obama kept silent, he should have said “that is not what I promised in my speech, not MY plan”.Then they chastised him for not helping them. To the point, it is always the Political Party extremist that damage the basic calculation and balancing of values on which this Country was built. As it is now with Republican. The Founder warned about Political Parties, there is were we must start to save the Nation as we knew it. Banish from the inner framework of government any thing that is not part of the listed balance system.

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