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Patriot Coalition Update

February 7, 2012
Jeff Lewis, FIRE Coalition/Patriot Coalition

We’re adding more resolutions as folks across the country request them. We also intend to address other ‘intolerable acts’ such as the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Veterans Disarmament Act, …still pending Expatriation Act, and See Something, Say Something Act, to name a few.

Patriot Coalition has also launched a Livestream Channel where many hours of live-streaming video are posted on the NDAA. “Patriot Coalition LIVE!” can be viewed at:  There is also a ton of information on the Patriot Coalition Blog, at:, and on the Oath Keepers site.

More to come.

Jeff Lewis
National Director, FIRE Coalition
National Director, Patriot Coalition
Phone: 252-876-9489
FIRE Blog:
Patriot Coalition Blog:
Patriot Coalition Live!
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  1. olde reb permalink
    February 7, 2012 12:20 pm

    Is the mathematical analysis of the Federal Reserve posted at and filed as an exhibit in a $7 trillion whistleblower suit against the Fed of interest ??

  2. February 7, 2012 10:57 am

    Just for starters, these recommendations:

    1. Reduce the size & budget of the federal bureaucracy by 50% and bring all bureaucracy under the JOINT and DIRECT oversight and control of the Executive and Congress. No increase in bureaucrat numbers or scope of authority or new offices/programs will be allowed without the expressed approval of and funding by Congress. Any bureaucracy, new or old, whose scope of activities legitimately and constitutionally should be the responsibiity of the States or local governments must be restored to the States or local governments.

    2. All constitutional authority ceded by Congress over the years to the Executive must be restored to Congress. The original Constitution must be THE guide. (A Constitution Restoration Committee comprised of one rep appointed by the Governor of each State and the full Senate and Congress will be tasked with studying and implementing this restoration within 3 years of the Committee’s convening.)

    3. Term Limits: no more than 5 consecutive two-year terms for a Representative; no more than 2 consecutive six-year terms for a Senator (This means that a Rep may, after 5 terms, run for the Senate, and that a Senator may, after 2 terms, run for Congress. “Consecutive” is the operative word.)

    4. With the original Constitution as THE guide, restore constitutional balance of powers between the 3 branches of the federal government, and between the federal and state governments. Toward that end, repeal the 17th Amendment. (See #2. the Constitution Restoration Committee will be tasked with implementation within 3 years of convention.)

    5. Limit Supreme Court justice terms to 10 consecutive years; a Judicial Review Commission comprised of one representative appointed by the Governor of each State (50) and members of the full Senate (100) shall have the authority to review and approve or disapprove all appointments to the court by majority vote. Similarly, a majority vote of this Commission may summarily discharge a justice and call for a timely replacement nominee, and a 2/3 majority may overrule any Court decision.

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