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Outrage in Roundup: Mother of Twins Sexually Assaulted by Montana Forest Service Officer – Then Indicted for Assaulting Him

February 6, 2012
William Grigg

During an elk hunting trip last November 26 with her husband, Bill, Tammie McCutcheon of Roundup, Montana – a mother of 18-month-old twins — was sexually assaulted by U.S. Forest Service Officer Shawn Tripp.

“My first thought was … that she was about to get raped,” recalled Bill, describing his reaction to the sight of his terrified wife sprawled over the tailgate beneath a stranger who had thrust his hands inside her clothing.

Tammie, along with her 12-year-old daughter and the twins, had pulled over to the side of the road while Bill and the couple’s teenage son gone into the nearby forest. Tripp, who was patrolling on a four-wheeler, approached the truck from behind. Tammie told the Billings Gazette that Tripp, who was wearing a jacket with no insignia suggesting he was a federal officer (not that this would have justified his subsequent actions), “refused to identify himself and demanded that she get out of the truck.”

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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