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Check out “Judicial Fiat From the Bench – Changed the Meaning of the Constitution – Natural Born Citizen” on Constitutional Emergency

February 4, 2012
Michael Bruning, aka Paul Revere in Arizona

This is, after having such  compelling arguments and logic and evidence, one of the more “tragic” examples of judicial incompetence….not because American citizens had their hopes smashed by a judge that parroted the findings of other courts, but because the conclusion was based upon a finding that the witnesses and the evidence and the testimony were not “expert” enough and were of little or no value.

The on-going injury caused by our political and judicial system, relative to this constitutional issue has done and continues to do more damage than if we were attacked by British patriots wanting to re-establish this nation under British rule.  It is an abomination and acutely reprehensible that the judicial and political scholars of today find themselves “hell bent” on satisfying the Obamasiah’s dictum that we must FUNDAMENTALLY ALTER the United States of America for the expectations of meeting his ideological of what he perceives are the goals that will get us to his vision of hope and change.  It is inexcusable for anyone with a basic understanding of our form of government to be so at ease in his/her use of revisionist history to so casually undo that which millions have sacrificed and died for over these 230 years.

I am simply appalled at the depravity of these rulings and at how easily they are reached by men and women who have violated their oath of office and the public trust.

This decision has only the weight of allowing Obama on the Georgia ballot.  It does not prevent the Plaintiff’s from appealing to a higher Court of Competent Jurisdiction, nor does it put an end to the public discourse….a process that should, if need be, obtain the results we all support in November.

BTW.  This ruling also supports a run for POTUS for Marco Rubio, whose parents were not naturalized citizens at the time of his birth, but who were, as in the Ark Kim case, legal residents of the USA and Cuban Nationals.  And, such is the case for Bobby Jindal, whose parents were Indian Nationals and legal resident aliens of the USA at the time of his birth.  IMO, the founding fathers determined at the time of our Constitution that the language found in Vattel was the language that expressed what NATURAL BORN CITIZEN meant and would continue to mean.  What the Courts have done to that foundational language is to bastardize it for political purposes when it was necessary to move forward a political agenda, primarily that of the left.  This decision is proof positive that the hearing was nothing more than a dog and pony show, as the conclusion was written long before the first witness was called to testify.

God Bless those who have struggled in the trenches to right the wrong that fraud, deception and criminal minds have forced upon this nation and its citizens.  To be sure, the Constitution, over all else, must be PRESERVED, PROTECTED AND DEFENDED by whatever means are required and by all means necessary.  Men and Women of good will and sincere patriotism, regardless of political party, religion, ethnic background or race…..must join in the effort to secure our freedom and our liberty for all of our posterity….no matter the cost to ourselves and each other.

We may not present a bright future for our children and grandchildren, but we must….at all costs….ensure that they live in freedom and liberty within our Constitutional Republic.

Michael J. Bruning

Judicial Fiat From the Bench – Changed the Meaning of the Constitution – Natural Born Citizen

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