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Give Me Your Money in the Name of Jesus

February 4, 2012
Breeanne Howe, Red State

This morning, in the middle of his campaign National Prayer Breakfast speech, President Obama delighted those of us who love irony by quoting C.S. Lewis.  It was an interesting moment in a speech that put forth the notion that taxing the wealthy is right in line with the teachings of Jesus. I mean, Jesus did hang out with tax collectors, right?  The idea that government welfare is somehow the fulfillment of Jesus’ teaching on charity is a common misconception that many people make, Christians included, and it’s the main reason that liberals believe conservatives are Christian hypocrites. Perhaps if the president visited church more often than only during campaign seasons, he might not be so confused. See, not only do we spend time praising God in church, we also gain insight from our pastors who have surely spent more time in the word of God than we have.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. February 5, 2012 1:49 am

    It is presented in good humor. But I often though, although I have so many charities and request I can count on 15 letters per week, there is a point in the fact that God request, if tied in with heaven’s and hell, actually required that good deed be done voluntarily not by taxes where I have no say where it is going. Accepting the Supreme Cour decision that a Corp. is a person, well so is he government, therefore, in essence a president and other officials are doing what God rewires of them—-help the people and will stand in front of God as person to respond it they performed their duty to help the people. Any way interesting point. However I think Obama meant “my brother’s keeper” because I heard him say so several time. My reply to him is “well depending on what my brother does” I used this on the Israel issue and our commitment. Our commitment end when they do things my principled and value would not accept as proper.
    These are good argument because we can explain our views logically not angrily.

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