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Do you know how many countries border America?

February 4, 2012
Bobby Eberle, GOPUSA
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Take a look at this video called “Lunch Scholars” if you want to see what the future of America looks like. A reporter asked high schools teens a variety of questions, and the answers were stunning. How many states are there in the U.S.? 51? Who is the vice president of the United States? That Clinton guy? Or is it bin Laden? And one of my favorites: How many countries border the United States? There are too many to name. See for yourself…

Thanks goes out to The Blaze for catching my attention with this video. The story was first reported by the Huffington Post, and it notes that “Austin, an intrepid young student-reporter, embarks on the noble mission of answering the question, ‘How much basic knowledge do American high school students really have?’ The answer, however, may not be exactly what you want to hear.”

The Huffington Post points out this dismal fact: “U.S. students place behind 31 other countries in math proficiency, and behind 16 other countries in reading.”

Is this the future of our country? If so, maybe I should move to Canada or Mexico or one of those other countries that border America!

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