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FW: Obama eligibility challenges spread to 6 states

February 1, 2012
Dave Bertrand, TrafficAlert

We are at the cross-road of politics and Constitutional justice…

See WND Report link below comments….

While the two (so-called) Republican candidates are destroying each other, the diversion from a critical court case in Fulton County Georgia is unable to withstand public attention.

The Whitehouse is obviously in “damage control,” as well as the DNC.

The ONLY way that Obama will be allowed to be on the 2012 ballot will happen if and when absolute dictatorial power is exerted on the voting process.

In the meanwhile, the anti-birther supporters of tyranny, are using the same old tactics of name calling the true supporters of the Constitution, “Conspiracy Theorists.”

Unable to cope with their denial of evidence, that will remove Obama as a legal candidate, the country is divided in a blind attempt to save Obama’s presidency.

There is no doubt, the CIA is scrambling to fix the problem they created many years ago, and/or they knew this day would come in-order to force the Obama administration to declare a state of emergency.

Behind the scenes, an attempt to censor the internet, the implementation of the NDAA to incarcerate Americans under a martial law plan, the Expatriation bill to strip Americans of their citizenship, and NorthCom’s urban warfare training exercises, under the guise of homegrown terrorism….the stakes are high and the tension is spring-boarding across the country.

It’s extremely imperative that every American understand their Constitutional Rights…because you can expect a challenge that could easily place you in one of the many FEMA Camps being organized and manned by military and Haliburton (KBR) personnel.

Reasearch “KBR contract services for FEMA Camps”

Use the search engine instead of Google..ISP is not recorded.

America is changing and most citizens do not realize they’re being lied to as a result of mainstream media propaganda and the lack of responsible reporting.

Those that do not understand the seriousness of the Fulton County verdict (to be released) this week, are going to be furious when they realize the extent of lies that have been growing since 9/11 and before the false flag attack that brought us the Patriot Act and needless wars.

The rise of communism has seen the light and the crackdown is coming soon.

Unfortunately for law enforcement and the estimated 70% of the military, that understand the crisis we all face, the result will be as expected and Americans are prepared to react.

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