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The criminalizing of human behavior moves beyond absurd

February 1, 2012
Brasscheck TV

The school/prison training system is teaching children what?

That bringing a G.I. Joe action figure to school is a violation of the schools weapon ban, I don’t know if you remember that story or not.

Well, now a school in California has accused a 6 year old boy of sexual assault resulting from a playground game of tag.

A six year old boy!?!

Clearly, despite whatever happened, the interpretation of this event says more about the Principal’s frame of mind than it does the boy’s intent.

Unfortunately, that ‘frame of mind’ is systematic and the endless attempts to criminalize human behavior in schools is evidence of that…

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  1. Rikki permalink
    February 1, 2012 12:40 pm

    Unbelievable! I know my 17 yr old son was almost suspended from school when a friend of his gave him a prescription strength Tylenol (which is the equivalent of 4 regular strength Tylenol) for his headache. Another student saw the exchange take place and reported it. However, my son handed it right back to her and told her he didn’t want it. (We very rarely ever take medications at home.) Both my son and the young lady were facing criminal charges, school expulsion and permenent reports on their school records. All of us parents, along with our kids, had to go to meetings with the principle, assistant principals and school board. The only reason all criminal and school charges were dropped is because another student, passing by in the hall, had witnessed my son hand the medication back to her.

    I can understand a warning being given in this case however, schools take things way too far. Unfortuntely, the incident has gone into the permanent records of my son and his friend. I will be homeschooling my two youngest when they are of age, if that is still an option in this country at that time.

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