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Follow-up Report: Coast to Coast AM (Oath Keepers)

January 30, 2012
Dave Bertrand, TrafficAlert

This is a follow-up to the show last night that reached over 2 million listeners…

Right from the onset during the interview between (Host) John B. Wells and (Guest) Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers founder….email reports began flooding the Los Angeles studio…indicating widespread intermittent/interruption of the broadcast during key points of the interview.

The extremely hot topic, of what will Americans do if and when the first American Citizen is bagged and removed from the justice system,  NOT protected any longer under the 4th amendment, are the new provisions under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that patriots are waking up to.

Another subject matter, that I am in the middle of (literally), is the corruption in Quartzsite, Arizona where 9 police officers were fired and placed under house arrest by the Chief of Police this past summer.

Known as “The Quartzsite 10,” one town clerk and nine officers signed a “No Confidence” letter accusing the chief of using the NCIC national database to harrass his political opponents.

Oath Keepers (Stewart Rhodes) commented further on “Coast to Coast AM” that the Quartzsite Police Chief needs to be “fired” and the fact the State of Arizona is doing nothing about the investigation against Chief Gilbert.

Oathkeepers, a Tea Party group, Sons of Liberty, Freedom Phoenix and legislators marched through Quartzsite this past August in support of the “Quartzsite 10.”

To hear the show in its entirety, follow the instructions at: (archives).

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