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RE: The Mormon Church Still Supports Illegal Aliens – And Other Commentary !!!

January 29, 2012
Michael Bruning, aka “Paul Revere in Arizona”

My Dear Friends In Freedom And In The Defense Of Liberty:

The facts are….the Mormon church does, as do other churches, support illegal immigration.  One only needs to look at the list of Representatives and Senators in the Federal congress to be able to come to a reasonable conclusion that illegal immigration will never be effectively stopped, so long as these “pimps” for the all of the religious, pro-illegal alien advocates and political institutions remain in office.  They have been and remain a “fixture” on behalf of the LDS Leadership, the LDS Chambers of Commerce, the LDS Businesses, the LDS Labor Unions and everything else that the LDS church controls in Utah, Nevada, parts of Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, etc.  TO BE SURE….the LDS church has a very far reach, including into many areas of Mexico and Latin America.

Aside from its influence in the America’s, its missionary work extends around the world, as does its “one way or no way” preaching.  When all is said and done, however, the only real interest of the LDS church, like the Catholic church and other large “mainstream” religious institutions is to gather a “body count” of so-called wayward souls….and cheap labor.  That was the purpose of the Bennett Amendment years ago and that is the sole purpose of the Utah Compact and the very recent Arizona Accords.  Let those who embrace these anti-american concepts deny their purpose, but they do so at their own peril.

The “sleeping” giant – aka – We the People – have awakened from our balmy sleep and have shrugged off the brain washing and the PR dribble that has spewed out of the “enemies” filthy mouths and we are “Mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore!”  As lax as the anti-illegal, anti-amnesty movement appears to be on the surface, it remains relevant, strong and supportable in every respect.  WE THE PEOPLE do not intend to go blindly into the night while our nation continues to be devoured by the new age communists of recent past and current generations.  We will not suffer the humiliation of cowardice when we face our Maker and when we face our founders.

There can be no doubt that the LDS church, the Catholic church, the Lutheran church, the Episcopal church, the Southern Baptist Conference, the Methodist church, the Jewish Leadership and many offshoots of our Judeo-Christian roots are engaged in fomenting an anti-american prejudice within the immigrant community, an immoral religious practice that undermines the very foundations of the so-called beliefs that they espouse.  Like the actions of the leadership in the USA that involves us – wrongly – in “nation building”….these so-called religious leaders are engaged in virtually the same thing.  They are using their offices to influence the hearts and minds of our elected officials for the purpose of – like the Obamasiah – fundamentally changing the values, the customs and the traditions that make the USA unique among the worlds nations.  By sounding rational, warm and fuzzy and empathetic with the plight of immigrants around the globe, they really intend to transform existing laws that have bound us together for 230 years….into a set of rules with no fixed foundation other than that which can be referenced as being humane.  What a bunch of BS!!

The founders established this nation on what was right and what was wrong.  The natural order and not emotional self-righteousness was their guiding light and as such, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our Rule of Law was set down on the principle that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL….and as such….ALL MEN ARE AFFORDED EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW!!  These principles become meaningless when they are not enforced….and as such, we need to recognize that our elected officials become anti-american, dangerous and equally meaningless when they refuse to enforce the Constitution.  We have a solution to remedy these transgressions foisted upon us by the enemies of freedom and liberty.  It’s called redress of grievances and voting!!

These harbingers of REVISIONIST HISTORY….those who wrote the Utah Compact and the Arizona Accord….conveniently forget that the foundational documents of our Constitutional Republic as it existed in the beginning and now, cannot be changed or amended out of existence.  It is not, as they often shout, a breathing, living document!!  It is a set of “fixed rules” that were hammered into the bedrock of our founding – and only through the amendment process can the cause of freedom and liberty be advanced, but not by dissolving that which we are already guaranteed.

The Utah Compact and the Arizona Accord will only serve as albatrosses around the neck of the Republic.  They both spout but one purpose and that is to create division, chaos and confusion within a Republic whose founding documents view such communist actions as being reprehensible to the entire vision of that which the United States of America is really intended to represent.

We can do no better than to rely upon the wisdom of our founders and embrace those documents that are stained with the blood and the treasure of far greater men and women than us.  To stand idly by while “crazed” men and women of the day spew their self-described rhetoric as being the so-called model for immigrant rights when we know full well that the real motives are as sinister and evil as were Hitlers, Stalins, Mao, et al, is tantamount to waving the white flag of surrender at a battle just won.  We cannot relinquish our Republic under such circumstances.  Indeed, we cannot sell our Republic to such religious, secular and political degenerates for any price – regardless the costs to those who will and must defend her.

God Bless this Great Republic.


P.S.  Share this with your fellow patriots.

Subject: The Mormon Church Still Supports Illegal Aliens !!!

The Mormon Church supports the Utah Compact, a pro-invasion group of nutcases who are trying to transform Utah into Aztlan!   The Mormon Church also supports the new Utah pro-illegal alien bill HB 116.  Obviously the Mormon Church wishes to overrule the rule of law, and also change the law with the help of former Senator Robert Bennett to make the Mormon Church a sanctuary for law breaking illegal invaders.  Shame on the Mormon Church!

“the Public Affairs Department of The LDS Church issued a “statement of support”

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  1. January 30, 2012 2:17 am

    Illegal aliens and Israel first. Listen to Romney’s speech to the Academy….”If elected I will protect Israel and bomb Iran”. Who cares if they hit us back with a nuclear bomb as they said (yes they did the research) and concluded we would loose about a million people but based on our total population it an acceptable risk. Not a joke unless it was a bad joke during the Bush years when the calculation was done by the Pentagon. How nice.

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