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Bob Schieffer calls Gov Jan Brewer rude

January 28, 2012
Lynn M Stuter

On January 26, 2012, ignoring a subpoena issued out of the state of Georgia, requiring his attendance at the Georgia ballot hearing challenge, Barack Obama took an “above the law” elitist attitude and went on a campaign swing starting in Arizona.

Big mistake.

He was met, officially, on the tarmac when he landed in Arizona by Governor Jan Brewer with whom Obama decided to take umbrage over her book characterizing him as “patronizing” and “condescending” concerning Arizona border security issues.

Obama, apparently feeling quit upbeat in his belief that he is above the law, decided he could take on Governor Brewer, right there on the tarmac, and put that “stupid woman” in her place!

He thought wrong.

Arizona has suffered some of the most heinous crime associated with the refusal of the past several federal administrations to secure the border between the United States and Mexico.

  1. Ranchers living along the border have been murdered, most notably Robert Krentz; others have had their cattle killed, homes and outbuildings ransacked, fences cut, watering troughs emptied, vehicles and all-terrain vehicles stolen, etc.
  2. Beheaded and dismembered bodies are now turning up in Arizona, the hallmark of Mexican drug cartel killings.
  3. Kidnappings for ransom has become an ever increasing problem in Arizona.
  4. The killing of law enforcement officers by drug smugglers, coyotes and cartels is on the increase.
  5. People in Arizona have been warned to stay out of certain federal land areas due to drug smugglers, coyotes and drug cartel activity, denying them safe use of public lands.

What has Barack Hussein Obama done about any of this?  Absolutely nothing.  In fact, when Arizona passed SB 1070, codifying into state law the federal laws which Obama has refused to enforce, Obama responded by filing suit against Arizona.

We can only conclude that Obama’s actions are deliberate.  In his refusal to secure the border, his refusal to stop the invasion of Arizona, other border states, and thereby the entirety of the United States by illegal aliens, he is, in effect, giving aid and comfort to the enemy – the definition of an act of treason.

This is just one of the many acts committed by Barack Hussein Obama in his zeal to destroy this nation.

On the CBS Evening News last night, Bob Schieffer, host of Face the Nation, went on record stating that Governor Jan Brewer’s exchange with Obama, on the tarmac yesterday, caught on film, was “rude”.

I beg to differ, Mr Schieffer, as I think, most Americans would.

Barack Hussein Obama got exactly what he asked for.  His ignoring of the Georgia subpoena yesterday typified the arrogance, elitism, and “above-the-law” attitude that the Obama has displayed since January 20, 2009, aided and abetted by Congress in their refusal to address the very issue for which he was ordered to appear in Georgia yesterday, aided and abetted by the courts in their refusal to hear the overwhelming evidence that Obama is not eligible to the office of president; that he should never have been allowed on the ticket that culminated in his election in 2008.

That arrogance, that elitism, that “above-the-law” attitude was very much present in the confrontation Obama instigated with Governor Brewer yesterday.  He started it; he got what he deserved.

That you, Mr Schieffer, would characterize Governor Brewer as being “rude” is indication of just how far removed from the reality that is America you are; obviously also an indication of just how far removed from the reality that is America all you mainstream media types are.  You have not a clue what Americans think; your sole agenda is trying to keep from Americans that which you, and those you serve, do not want Americans to know, and twisting what you do broadcast to suit the purposes of those you serve; telling the truth is not anywhere in the mix.  Once upon a time, the media was the protector of the Constitution; that is no more.

In the day and age of the internet, the agenda of the mainstream media has become all too apparent.  And preserving the United States Constitution, preserving freedom, liberty and justice is, in no way, any part of that agenda.

P.S. The above would have been sent to Mr Schieffer directly.  However, Mr Schieffer seems to not want to hear from those living the reality that is America – there is no apparent e-mail address available for Mr Schieffer.  Like so many in Congress, the media does not want to hear what the average American really thinks; just further evidence of the elitism never intended by those who established this once great nation.

©2012 Lynn M Stuter – All Rights Reserved.
4 Comments leave one →
  1. Questionman permalink
    January 30, 2012 4:25 pm

    It’s amazing how many voters have no problem with a Republican destroying the country but heaven forbid that Obama get reelected and keep the country afloat. Half the population of this country has a death wish. Even the most conservative Republicans like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage have called Ron Paul a lunatic and a psycho. Yet he is only two points behind Mitt Romney in Iowa. Has the GOP become such barbarians that Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage are now moderates?

    Cons live in a deluded world.

    Obama has done a fantastic job of getting our country back together after it was torn apart by Bush, Greenspan and the Republican Party.

    The GOP is full of a lot of sick puppies.

    A horrible woman. She’s been a thorn since day one with her disrespect. Heck, she seems to disrespect anybody that doesn’t agree with her.

  2. Harold permalink*
    January 29, 2012 12:00 pm

    Hey Hank …..

    Since when is “Reuters” a source of RWNJ propaganda???

    Maybe if you did a little research on the subject before subjecting us to your progressive drivel???

  3. January 29, 2012 10:41 am

    Name one incident of a beheading in Arizona. That’s just more RWNJ propoganda.

  4. January 28, 2012 11:11 am

    Bob Schieffer is nothing more than a left wing stooge. I love that Gov. Brewer “took it to Barry O’bama”. She has every reason to despise him, but instead, wrote him a gracious note simply outlining her grievances with his administration with regard to their immigration policies and she has EVERY right to do so. Since IL Duce couldn’t be bothered by a Georgia subpoena requsting his court appearance on a matter of eligibility; maybe he won’t be on the ballot there. Just think, if every state in the union did likewise, we could be rid of Der Fuhrer all the sooner.

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