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Will Florida Republican Leadership AGAIN Block E-Verify?

January 26, 2012

The Florida Legislative session has started in Tallahassee and so far the E-Verify bill has yet to have a hearing in either the House or Senate.

The E-Verify Bills are:

HB 1315, House Sponsor Rep. Gayle Harrell

SB1638, Senate Sponsor Thad Altman

Will Speaker Dean Cannon and Senate President Haridopolos join the long list of Republican leaders who have blocked E-Verify for Florida?  Will Governor Rick Scott again break his campaign promise to help enact E-Verify for Florida businesses?  Final judgment will have to wait until the end of the Session on March 5, 2012 but it appears as though Florida’s leaders are again favoring jobs for illegal aliens over jobs for Florida citizens.

You are urged to call and email the key players who decide the agenda:


Please help get a hearing for HB1315 and SB 1638 in the Senate and House.

You have pledged to make jobs for Floridians your number one priority. Without mandatory E-Verify for all employers there is no assurance that any job you create will go to the legal workers of Florida. Unemployed Floridians should not have to compete with illegal aliens for jobs. Please make enactment of the HB1315 and SB1638, the Verification of Employment Eligibility Act, a top priority and put Floridians back to work, not illegal aliens!


Speaker of the House Cannon, 850-488-2742,

House Majority Leader Lopez-Cantera, 850-488-4202,

Government Operations Subcommittee Chair Patronis (First House Committee Stop), 850-488-9696,


Senate President Haridopolos, 850-487-5056,

Majority Leader Senator Andy Gardiner, 850-487-5047,

Senate Judiciary Chair Anitere Flores (First Senate Committee Stop), 850-487-5130,

While the Governor is not directly involved in setting legislative agendas, he can be influential.  Governor Scott won on the issue of illegal immigration and other than requiring E-Verify for state agencies and contractors, he has not been the champion of E-Verify that he promised to be.   Most notably, Governor Scott waited for his grandstand performance on May 4, 2011 to say he wanted legislation, the day after Senate President Haridopolos and his underlings butchered and finally blocked E-Verify.


Governor Rick Scott, 850-488-7146,

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