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True Constitutional Government, Is The Desire Really So Strange?

January 25, 2012
Debbie Lewis,

Columbia, MO January 24, 2012 – Three Republican Primaries have come and gone.  The remaining field of Republican Presidential hopefuls has dwindled to four and they are moving forward.  The media, which actually cannot ignore Ron Paul any longer, is now taking stabs at him any way they can.  Recent examples of this behavior are MSNBC taking shots at him for his modest home, Bill O’Reilly ignoring him, stating he doesn’t have a chance, John Roberts, while reporting on the Twitter survey on Fox News for the SC debate, made the comment that it was not scientific and that people were just “voting for their favorite, sometimes.”  Throw in that during the final CNN debate before the SC primary, the audience had to get involved for the moderator to let Paul, the only doctor on stage, answer a question about abortion and you get a damning picture of ongoing media manipulation.

One thing that no one seems to point out, save Jon Stewart and individual Paul supports, is his consistency through out his service in the House of Representatives, from his stance on foreign policy to monetary policy to State’s Rights, and more.  He refuses to compromise on the limiting nature of our Constitution with regard to Congress and our Federal government. It’s as if people have no recollection of history!  Is it really so strange to think we-the-people could want a truly constitutional government again…the kind our founding generation saw necessary to rid a population of tryanny?

It seems that even the Democrats are feeling the need to weigh in on the Republican race.  The most recent release by William Lewis Films, The Ron Paul Uprising, discusses this.  When asked by Rachel Maddow about Romney’s chances, Former President Jimmy Carter says he hoped Romney would win the Republican nomination.  Former President Bill Clinton had great things to say about Romney, as well.  Why does their opinion matter?  What are they trying to do?  Are they trying to sway voters who would support Paul’s TRUE peace policies over the lies Obama has foisted upon the people for the past 3½ years?  More recently, even Former Vice President Al Gore had to weigh in, calling Paul silly.

One has to wonder why they fear Paul.  Is it perhaps that a Ron Paul presidency might reign in the massive out-of-control government and return it to the rule of law?  What does the media, two former Democratic presidents, one former Democratic vice president and the other Republicans in the race have in common?  Possibly their desire to usurp further power for the people, disregarding our individual and state rights to, in the words of one of our first Supreme Court judges, “do as we please?”

And what of the media downplay and outright misrepresentation of Paul?  “They have found nothing on Paul and are constantly looking for ways to take down the only constitutionally guided candidate in the race!” states Lewis, further adding, “We can’t let this happen…we finally have a candidate we can vote FOR!”

Support for Paul is still on the rise, much to the dismay of the “media experts” who have done their fair share to eliminate him.  So what can WE do?  The Ron Paul Uprising is full of information and sound bytes that let Paul tell his own story.  Also included are reminders of Senator Obama on the campaign trail, the challenges we face with electronic voting and more.  To help Paul win, we have to play outside the main stream, get creative and use different “tools” to get the job done.  The Ron Paul Uprising is one of those tools…visit to get your copy today…Hold a screening in your area and help Paul get elected!


Al Gore encourages voters to dismiss Ron Paul as a ‘silly’ candidate
Ron Paul Dominates Fox’s Twitter Survey Of The SC FOX News Debate – Jan 16 2012, 3149 Dundee Rd #176, Northbrook, Illinois 60062, USA

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