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Are You Ready for a Real Change?Nuke

January 23, 2012
Walter Burien,

Here is the 200 Megaton Nuclear Bomb put into the hands of the “intelligent” American Taxpayer.

Want to see how wealthy your local government really is and break through the “selective presentation” game?

Government has built their internal empires by and through selective presentation and utilizing taxpayer revenue systematically separated from the general purpose operating budgets to build power-bases of standing wealth outside of the “general purpose” operating funds. The general purpose accounting is primarily where tax revenues are brought in and allocated for “general purpose” services government provides.

The investment fund financial power bases both domestic and international and government enterprise operations that have been built up over the decades though have been segregated outside of the general purpose operating funds. When carefully looking at a the gross income of a local government’s general purpose operating budget (primarily tax revenue) and comparing it to the same large local government’s Annual Financial Report known as the CAFR (all revenue income from all sources derived from investment, enterprise, and taxation) tax income is usually about 1/3rd of the gross income.

A large local government can be crying “Budget Shortfall’ under their selectively presented general purpose operating budget but upon review of the financial wealth power based funds held and “other” income, the same local government upon total and comprehensive review can be clearly in the black by millions if not billions of dollars.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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