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Fw: Oath Keepers » Brandon Smith: Decentralization Is The Only Plausible Economic Solution Left

January 20, 2012
Dave Bertrand, TrafficAlert

Constructing communities for decentralization is key to survival as the collapse of our economy (by design) establishes a foot hold in major cities across America. Brandon Smith article link below outlines the necessary needs of and for communities aware of the approaching tidal wave…

Tyranny can only be accomplished by centralization, and trading freedom for security is a false flag attempt to destroy the Constitution.

Ron Paul has launched an assault on the National Defense Authorization Act by introducing an amendment to the “Martial Law Bill” that was (recently) passed by 93 senators and signed into law (illegally) by Obama on New Years Eve.

Absolute tyranny is here and this president has declared war on the American people with the stroke of his pen. No other bill has clearly defined the purpose of the NDAA since Lincoln declared war on the southern states during the onset of the Civil War. The NDAA defines an alleged authority to label any American citizen as a “terrorist” that attempts to use their Constitutional 1st amendment rights. Thus … the NDAA effectively compromises the 1st through 9th amendments accordingly.

Note: We the people grant authority to the government, but at the same time, we limit the government from excessive abuse. This is mandated in the Constitution. There is no excuse for which this government has….to remove those rights without public approval…therefore, a full blown dictatorship now exists in America.

Americans are slowly understanding this level of tyranny and mainstream media is slow to respond.

Last night’s Coast to Coast AM show (1/18/12) with George Noory, was heard by millions of listeners. The magnitude of this bill is being discussed at every level today, and the synopsis presented (during the show) indicates a theory that America has experienced a military industrial complex coup.

Like a thief in the night, our own military and law enforcement are compartmentalized into a paradigm of denial…following an agenda that is incomprehensible in nature. THEY themselves have been brainwashed into believing that an enemy exists, not in the Arab countries, but right down their street.

The general population are being taught to report anything suspicious, which effectively turns neighbor on neighbor. Imaginations are running rampant as citizens report, what they believe, are reports that help the government in their effort(s) to find terrorists.

A “terrorist,” as defined by propaganda intelligence reports by Homeland Security can be anyone that supports Ron Paul, Constitutionalists, American flags on vehicles, survivalists that live off the grid, gun owners, and returning military vets. These labels and more have been secretly released to the public via the MIAC Report and a Texas DPS memo. If you listen to a radio scanner and/or have more than 7 days of food supplies, etc…this government has labeled you as a “potential terrorist.”

Last night’s discussion also reveals a very scared government that has been exposed, moving fast to implement new laws for what they expect to see….the American patriot preparing for what could easily become a fight or flight.

One of the main subjects discussed (last night) is the government’s grave concern that Ron Paul could become president and that a large portion of the government bureaucracy could be dismantled … a likelihood affirmed by Pentagon officials recently.

As you read further in the article link below, Brandon outlines the scenario of a country in collapse, and the fact we’re already there, while Ron Paul isn’t going to throw a switch and everything will be fine, but contrary to that … the redefining and re-organization of our Republic is going to be a struggle. This fascist government is prepared to fight by utilizing the NDAA to place the military in law enforcement action on the streets of America. No trial, no due process, and possible incarceration indefinitely.

If anyone of the OTHER candidates beat Obama to the throne, the build-up of centralization will take us down, even further, into a NAZI style occupation that resembles North Korea.

We have allowed this to happen as a result of being mentally dis-engaged with the actions by the military industrial complex and the ongoing imperialistic strategies that only serves the international banking system.

That is about to change, but it isn’t going to be easy …

Americans are about to experience an onslaught of terrorism … not by the people, but for the people.

It’s time to understand politics, war and media propaganda … if you don’t, you may become a victim by a government that is clearly out-of-control, but determined to succeed.

Decentralization Is The Only Plausible Economic Solution Left

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