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All Who Signed The NDAA Bill Should Be Impeached

January 20, 2012
Dr. Laurie Roth, News with Views

Do you all realize yet just how much your freedoms have been betrayed by the signing of the NDAA Bill? Do you get it yet that this arrogant destruction is at the hands of Republicans, ‘pretend Conservatives’ and democrats, ‘redistribution of wealth specialists?’ It is time to stop protecting ‘labels’ and ‘political parties’ like they are God’s anointed football teams. Any politician, including Obama is on the side of treason and treachery who signed this into law.

Under many names, including conservatism and liberalism, GOP and Democrat, our Constitution and freedoms are being crushed. Remember it was former Presidential Candidate and Republican Senator John McCain along with Senator Carl Levin (D) who sponsored the NDAA Bill, knowing full well that it was a complete violation of our Miranda rights, Constitution, Posse Comitatus and freedoms. It sets American patriots and conservatives up to disappear.

Drama queen Obama was promising all the way along to Veto this bill, as if anyone with a brain actually believed he was sincere with that threat. The truth was that according to Senator Levin, Obama wouldn’t agree to sign it if the part about focusing potential arrests for terror suspicions weren’t aimed at U.S. citizens. So, as cancerous leadership goes these days, the Senate gave into heir Obama. If they had been real servants and leaders they would have stone walled it and kept it from going forward when Obama made his threats and ultimatum. Instead they were cowards and sell out fascists.

Now, our military can legally grab you anytime out of your home without charges and whisk you off to Gitmo or any place in the world. That is indefinitely, without charges, no trial, and no phone call to your honey or anything. You would be gone.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. January 21, 2012 12:48 am

    I keep saying this we have to take it up with individual Congressmen/woman at heir home base. IN Congress they feel like the rulers canot touch them. Need to remind them. Join the 99% and guide them to the target.

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