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A Power Play in Congress – and How To Stop It

January 16, 2012
Karen Kwiatkowski,

SOPA Fascism

A wholly predictable big-government play for even more control over markets and technology, information and communication is moving through Congress.

That’s not news. It’s actually quite typical. After the nauseating passage of the National Defense Authorization Bill last month, with its Constitution-shattering military detention provisions for any American who falls out of the President’s favor, or who has crossed his minions, what might not be passed into law?

The Senate’s Protect IP Act, PIPA, and its House companion Stop Online Piracy Act, SOPA, is now seeping through the congressional sewage system. This legislative pollution is purported to reduce global data piracy and illegal copying of digital content by regulating American ISPs and the Internet. Entertainment industry moguls and “too-big-to fail” content producers are demanding it, and it’s designed by paid-off, power-hungry establishment lawyers in Congress who don’t understand internet architecture, information technology, or the nature of the free market.

SOPA in particular is written by the fascist-leaning central controllers in Washington, who believe a better America will be one with an RFID chip in every creature, four legs and two, federal tracking of every person from birth to death, and exquisite knowledge of their every transaction, in real time. Lavrenti Beria and the East German Stasi chief Markus Wolf must be dreaming of reincarnation into such a totalitarian jewel – the United States in the 21st Century.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. January 16, 2012 11:59 pm

    Harold it is dangerous to begin an issue where it is convenient. As anyone rational would know our public awareness of this fascist penetration and deterioration began under Bush with the Patriot Act and etc. So it is not very honest to pile all this on Obama, if you want to say Democrats I would not argue with you many of them, originally, were and are as guilty as was the Bush crowd since all were and are, in the packet of the Lobby. What is dangerous about this is that in the, now established, Israeli Mossad style, it is used against Obama and the present system to change history and transfer guilt away from beloved Party and place it on the opposition. In doing so you all are electing and supporting the very same people that introduced and have been pushing that system. At the rate this idiotic transfer of guilt is moving you would, just by changing name, re-elect Satan itself and call it Jesus. The Democrats have enough extremism to criticize without sinking to this idiotic game one has to decide which is more dangerous and how to fight it. I fought the Progressive but did not have to eulogize those crawling creatures that destroyed this nation. I have my own arguments with Obama but he is not the leader of those scummy bastards that sold this nation for power and money.

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