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A Matter of Eligibility

January 7, 2012
Lynn M Stuter, via email …..

Some may have seen the clip, run by at least one network – CBS – showing John McCain campaigning for his “good buddy” Mitt Romney in New Hampshire on Wednesday, January 4 – the day following the Iowa caucuses.

How ironic, considering.

Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, United States Constitution, requires that candidates for the office of president be natural born defined by Vattel’s Law of Nations  as being born on the soil of the country of parents who are citizens of that country.  In terms of the United States, that would mean the candidate would have to be born on American soil of parents who were both Americans.  This definition has been confirmed by the 1875 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Minor v. Happersett.

Here we have Barack Hussein Obama, born who knows where (he claims Hawaii but Hawaii has yet to definitively confirm that), with a daddy whom he acknowledges was a British subject at the time of his supposed birth on 4 Aug 1961.  When the issue of eligibility was raised, prior to the 2008 election, both the Democrats and Republicans refused to address it, as did both state and federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court.  That situation continued after the 2008 election.  All the cases, until the recent Georgia challenge to ballot eligibility, brought by at least four separate plaintiffs, have been dismissed on grounds of standing.  In defendants response to the Georgia case, counsel for Obama tried to claim that the vote of the American people, in 2008, established eligibility and took precedence over rule of law (Georgia law concerning eligibility).  The judge didn’t agree and the motion to dismiss was denied.

The matter of Obama’s eligibility to the office of president remains unresolved over the protests of the people.  While many have zeroed in on the Certification of Live Birth (short-form birth certificate) issued in June 2008 and the more recent Certificate of Live Birth (long-form birth certificate) of April 2011, the fact of the matter is that these documents are only relevant in and of the fact that, if forged (as claimed and as the documents themselves suggest), a felony has been committed in the forging of them.

What is relevant is the fact that Barack Hussein Obama has never denied that his father was a British subject at the time of his birth; that at his birth, Barack Hussein Obama was a dual citizen (American-British).  What this means is that Barack Hussein Obama was never eligible to the office of president and those who certified that he was committed a crime, including Nancy Pelosi whose signature showed up on the various certificates of eligibility submitted in the 50 different states.

Fast forward to 2012.  The issue of Obama’s eligibility remains unresolved although challenges have now been filed in at least four states, with challenges pending in several others.

On the Republican side of the equation stands Mitt Romney who has a very good chance of becoming the Republican candidate for president.  It is very obvious, in the actions of the mainstream media, that he is the golden boy – the chosen one – of the Republican Party.

And we have John McCain, defeated in the 2008 presidential election by Obama, joining the rah-rah club for Romney.

The question of McCain’s eligibility to the presidency also surfaced leading up to the 2008 election.  While McCain was born of two American citizens, where McCain was born was (and remains) at issue.  At the time of McCain’s birth, his parents were serving in the military in the Panama Canal Zone.  McCain claims to have been born in the Zone but whether that is true or not remains unproven.  If McCain was born in Panama, he is not a natural-born citizen as required by Article II, Section 1, Clause 5.

Like Obama, however, the issue of McCain’s eligibility was never thoroughly investigated by the Republican Party and no proof of his eligibility was ever released to the American public.  In 2008, the American people had two candidates vying for the presidency – neither of which had been proven eligible.

Now we stand in early 2012 and John McCain has joined the Mitt Romney rah-rah club.

Mitt Romney was born in Detroit, Michigan.  His father, George Romney, was born in Mexico of American-born parents who retained their American citizenship.  At birth, George Romney was a dual-citizen, holding both Mexican and American citizenship at birth, Mexican citizenship as he was born in Mexico and American citizenship as his parents were American.

In order for Mitt Romney to be natural born, George Romney would have had to terminate his Mexican citizenship before Mitt Romney was born.  There has been no proof forthcoming that this happened.  When George Romney ran for president in 1968, and the question of his eligibility arose, his attorneys claimed he was natural born.  That was not and is not true under the definition of Vattel’s Law of Nations used by the Founding Fathers when the United States Constitution was written, and confirmed by Minor v Happersett, 1875.

If Mitt Romney becomes the 2012 Republican candidate for the presidency, the same situation that prevailed in the 2008 presidential election, will also prevail in the 2012 presidential election; the American people will have a choice between two candidates – neither of which have been proven eligible to the office of president.

If the American people allow this condition to continue, they do so at their own peril.  There was a reason our Founding Fathers required presidential candidates to be natural born with the explicit exclusion of those who became American citizens on the birth of our nation – to protect the United States from foreign influence, agendas and interests.

We have seen what happens when an individual with allegiance to other nations, agendas and interests usurps the Oval Office and the cries of the people for redress of grievance are ignored – not only by the mainstream media but also by Congress and the courts.

We have watched our nation be plunged into economic chaos by Barack Hussein Obama, the usurper to the Oval Office, occupier of the White House.  We have watched him travel about the world, bowing in fealty to other leaders.  We have watched him apologize to other nations for his perception of American arrogance.  We have watched him pander to Wall Street, special interests and corporate America while trying to claim he is “one of us”.  We have watched him further the cause of stamping out the middle class through the sending of U.S. manufacturing overseas.  We have watched America be pushed closer to a two-class society, with a significant minority of rich elite, and a vast majority of struggling poor.

If our nation is to survive, we cannot allow what happened in 2008 – with the eligibility of both the Democrat and Republican candidates to the office of the president going unresolved, to happen again.

Barack Hussein Obama must be removed from the ballot of the 50 states, and Mitt Romney must be forced to prove his eligibility.  This is not a left/right issue; this is not a Democrat/Republican issue; this is a matter of protecting and defending our United States Constitution.

© 2012 Lynn M Stuter – All Rights Reserved.
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  1. Joe Davis permalink
    January 8, 2012 3:21 am

    Excellent article. I would think Romney would qualify as a NBC according to Minor v Happersett. He was born to US citizen parents on American soil… regardless of where George was born.

  2. January 8, 2012 1:38 am

    Oh Harold McCain is an old man looking for glory, his last chance to make up for what he missed in Vietnam that was due to his father’s position not his combact heroism. It was unfair to saddle him with his father position but…..such position hold privilege and danger.
    Also Mac Cain via Lieberman etc, is very tied in to Israel as is Romney.
    Romney’s faith considers itself part of the Jewish tradition, check it out they are close to Israel as twin. Cannot say Israel things the same, hey don’t need twin to the throne but it is part of their faith, I know, many live here where I live. So McCain whose tie is more practical than Faith, can count on Romney to stand with Israel. At time i have a feeling Romney itself would prefer not to have to mention it but he is tide to his Religion stronger than Evangelists.
    Romney is the Mormon Faith,take him and you have to take his faith in those areas that cross the Government action, it is as strong as the Jewish Faith. You will never hear any of them say what Catholic say about the Pope—take hike I am an American first. Has nothing to do with God, has to do with authoritarian “speaker for God???” like the Ayatollah?

  3. January 7, 2012 9:55 am

    Sadly and tragically, Romney’s possible ineligibility will be similarly ignored by the good ‘ole boys, the judiciary, the media and, of course, the complacent public-at–large. Rule of Law is finished. It’s dog eat dog, whatever feels good, me-first society. I don’t see any remedy short of rebellion and secession. But, for either of those things to happen, the people would need to be something less than clueless and the States would need to assert their sovereignty and 10th Amendment authority. Hate to rain on your parade, but that’s the way I see it. Reality is a bitch. Oh well, it was great ride while it lasted….

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