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Occupy Movement Comes to Elementary Schools

January 2, 2012
J. Christian Adams, Breitbart

Keeping politics out of government run schools requires constant vigilance.  In recent years, political ideology has been brazenly imposed on students across the country.  Woodbrook Elementary School in Charlottesville, Virginia, provides the latest example of a government school imposing left wing ideology, this time with the Marxist rhetoric of the Occupy movement.

Woodbrook Elementary, (principal Lisa Molinaro), allowed leftist activists into the school to train third graders in writing songs which were performed at an assembly organized by an outside group –  Kid Pan Alley – in October of this year.  The tune the 3rd graders “wrote” and performed could have come from the soundtrack at Zuccotti park, minus the drug overdoses and rapes.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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