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“The sledgehammer of reality”

December 31, 2011
Brasscheck TV

Our nation is an empire in decline and there is a reason most of us have no idea what is going on.

The lame stream media has us all focusing the latest trends and people fighting over shoes, while our rights are usurped and our government involves us in ever more conflicts overseas.

We are spread way too thin and we are losing the freedoms we were supposedly fighting for.

People are going to start waking up, but NOT because CNN, FOX, or MSNBC decided to actually start informing people.

They going to wake up because they’ve been hit with a sledgehammer of reality…

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  1. January 1, 2012 2:19 am

    You got it hat is why long ago they decided to beat the left they ad yo ownm the Media amnd did, now all Jewish Happy???

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