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Ron Paul as a Stooge for Adolph Hitler

December 27, 2011
Walter Block,

Believe it or not, Congressman Paul’s critics are now claiming he is a Neville Chamberlain, who would have, were he president at the outset of World War II, have given Adolph Hitler a free ride (see here). With Dr. Paul at the helm, the last century would have been the beginning of a Nazi Reich.


First of all, a President Paul would never have foisted an oil embargo on Japan. So, there would have been no attack on Pearl Harbor, and no fighting with the Japanese military would have been necessary. This consideration alone means that hundreds of thousands of innocent people would not have perished. And, also, it would not have been the case that the U.S. would have been the only country in history to have actually used atomic weapons. (Is it not a bit hypocritical for the U.S. to object to Iran having a nuclear weapon on this ground alone?)

Second, Congress did indeed declare war on Germany; this is compatible with the U.S. Constitution, which Ron Paul, if no other candidate for President in 2012, fervently supports.

Third, and most important, it is unlikely that Hitler would have ever arisen to power in Germany without U.S. entry into World War I, in 1919. Although contrary to fact history can only be speculative, consider the following points.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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