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AG: Quartzsite violated meeting law –

December 19, 2011
Dave Bertrand, via email …..

Quartzsite, AZ–The Arizona Attorney General has issued his findings and recommendations for Quartzsite’s local government.

Not much more than a slap on the wrist, the council members have to receive additional training and all meetings will be monitored for a period of 12 months.

Quartzsite gained worldwide attention when local activist / newspaper publisher, Jennifer “Jade” Jones was allowed to speak before the council, but when she addressed the issue as to why there are 52 paychecks and only 41 employees, the council over-reacted and had the police (physically) remove her from the podium, injuring her…even though the mayor (Ed Foster) asked police to refrain and to let her speak.

From that point forward, a series of violations were perpetuated by Police Chief, Jeff Gilbert, with locked door meetings with the city council in which he declared a “State of Emergency” was in effect.

The mayor was recalled and nine police officers and the town clerk presented the Chief a letter of “No Confidence,” citing that Chief Gilbert had forced them to harass political opponents with obscured violations. The officers were fired and placed on ‘house arrest’ during the day because the chief “did not want them talking to the press.”

What followed caused Chief Gilbert to call the FBI and Homeland Security.. stating that his life was in jeopardy as a result of email death threats that were later unsubstantiated and false…including his need for a swat team to be present, since the Oath Keepers (the largest militia organization in the United States) was planning a protest march in support of the “Quartzsite 10.”

Chief Gilbert accused the Oath Keepers of being “terrorists coming to Quartzsite.”

The Oath Keepers is an organization of retired/former military and law enforcement members that will uphold the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. (

The protest march was peaceful (August 2011) and was led by Founder Stewart Rhodes, Jennifer Jones and Mayor Foster.

During the march through Quartzsite, the chief had a full swat team stationed in front of the fire station with approximately 8 DPS units.

The Oath Keepers marched to city hall where awards were presented to the “Quartzite 10,” including Mayor Foster and Jennifer Jones. The event sent a message across the United States that local government and police must uphold constitutional rights of the people.

Chief Gilbert is still under investigation and still employed…

As a result of the events that have diminished the image of this once bustling winter haven is now in decline as the season for winter visitors has dropped substantially.

Arizona Attorney General (Tom Horne) has not solved the problem, but has presented a solution that is being laughed at by the current mayor and city council.

There’s no doubt that officials will be dotting their “i’s” and crossing their “t’s” but many in Quartzsite know the level of corruption is abound and only going to continue.

Jennifer Jones intends to run for city council in the next election set for March, but in the meanwhile, she continues to be harassed, arrested, and portrayed as a “trouble maker.” A trouble maker that has blown the roof off malfeasance in local goverment.

Dave Bertrand
Quartzsite, Az
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