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While Americans shopped, the Constitution was shredded

December 18, 2011
Brasscheck TV

Obama is set to officially codify martial law

Well folks, the deed is done.

It is now being reported that President Obama has signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law, which codifies the possible indefinite detention of Americans without due process.

By definition, Martial Law is the suspension of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution for military rule.

At least we saw it coming…

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  1. February 8, 2012 3:42 pm

    Maybe you’re smarter than the founding fathers “anonymous”, but I doubt it. Perhaps you could start your own country from scratch and let’s see how it works out.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    December 24, 2011 12:22 pm

    We no longer require representative government. Long ago, it was a necessity. Now that we have the ability to process billions of pieces of information using the internet, we can act as our own congress. Corruption would disappear. Lobbyists would instantly be out of work. It would be so easy. The constitution is obsolete. It mentions 2/3 people when it comes to African American. We need to hold a large town hall meeting and openly discuss the changes required. After the open town hall meetings in every city, information would be gathered that is relevant. We should make it readable by 6th graders. I have been told it would amount to Mob Rule. I call it true democracy; people rule. Call it what you will, but something needs to change NOW. We went to each and every war over false pretenses. Our government subverts our own laws to make it easy to suppress the desires of our great countries citizens. We all just dismiss it as governments “Ineptness: It is not inept. 99% of our congress comes from a legal background. They have taken many oaths to uphold and defend the constitution. They have taken many hundreds of exams that require the mastery of this document. Now that they sit at the seat of ultimate power, they take the ultimate liberty to disregard this important document. Inept; I don’t think so. Calculated; I think so. The government sees mass demonstrations all over the nation. Are they worried?
    What are the afraid of.? MOB RULE which would result in something else compared to what we now have. Change would occur!!!! Who would benefit is the real question. This county was founded based on truly economic needs. I feel it was the economic needs of the King of England. They were the ones who started the expedition to this land hundreds of years ago. They needed more taxes to support the huge British Cache. That is why we rebelled. Religious freedom was a ruse. We must be brave. The vast majority of military personnel are now ready to openly disobey illegal orders as required by their own oaths and current military law. We will support them. The constitution states that we will not have any standing armies. In order to subvert this our government has no other choice but to maintain a state of conflict all over the planet. Remember, this country was founded on economic principles. Who controls the economy? We all know the answer and the the answer is not the majority of the people. 1% control all. Most rich people obtain wealth through investment. These investments give control to them through majority stock ownership. They do not earn wealth through wages. Even the executives at fortune 500 companies do not earn wealth through wages. Stock ownership drives this economy. the returns on stock far out-weigh any wages earned by each common worker. We fight each other for the scraps that are left over while the fat cats run laughing all the way to off shore banks. The real question is; Do we have what it takes to face our government when it tries to order our military to execute Military Martial Law. Only our military has the ability to maintain the Status Quo. The government will use them against the weak. In other countries, it was the military that eventually had taken matters into their own hands to make change, but most of the time it was for the worse. We will depend on the military to abide by and follow the laws that govern them. Our own government seeks to control 350 Million people. Remember; our government was founded based on economic needs!!! Control of our economy serves to give our government power. Remember that corporations pay lobbyist billions to make laws that favor corporate rule. We fight over petty issues that have absolutely no bearing on anything. Their exists one law that rules in war; the easiest way to win a war is to keep the enemy fighting amongst themselves. We need to stop our internal bickering that achieves nothing. United we stand or divided WE ALL FALL!!!!

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