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‘You can’t even go home!’ Feds go bonkers on border agent …

December 16, 2011
Bob Unruh, World Net Daily

Outrage follows warning that Diaz will be banned from his own home during probation

The wife of former U.S. Border Patrol agent Jesus Diaz, who was jailed over his treatment of a drug smuggler, says she’s outraged that the government has told her husband he won’t be allowed to return home to be with her or associate with any other law enforcement-linked member of his family while on probation.

“I have to ask what does the DOJ want me to do? I can’t retire, I’m too young. Divorcing him is not an option as he would still have to come around for the children. What is Chito going to do about his brother, not see him for the next five years? He carries a gun,” Diana Diaz, said in a statement released today through the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council, which has become an advocate for the officer in issues outside the courtroom.

“When are we going to [be] done feeding the Mexican monster with our agents’ lives and those of their families?” she asked. “Is a 15-year-old illegal drug smuggler worth more than almost 25 years of dedication and hard work, protecting two borders in two different states? While the president can pardon a turkey, it’s just a signature to him. For us, it’s life-altering.”

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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